Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Michael Strahan Playing 4th & Goal!

Frenemies. Michael Strahan leaves in two weeks. Kelly Ripa now has to find a permanent host.

People Magazine reports that former NFL star and celebrity agitator Michael Strahan is leaving Live! with Kelly & Michael in less than two weeks. He decided he can't do it any longer now that Kelly Ripa is no longer speaking to him.

He will depart from Live on May 13.

Ripa was hurt by the announcement of Strahan leaving the popular AM show for Good Morning America. She took a leave of absence after the news broke. She returned Tuesday to give a brutal takedown of ABC.

She did say some nice things about Strahan.

He will take on a full time role as an anchor on GMA.

This comes as one of the most shocking moments in TV history. The four years that Strahan had on Live! were memorable. This one should be the most memorable of the former Superbowl champion.

Now it's 1st & 10 and he's leading the way to a better career.

Strahan also is working on hosting duties on Fox NFL Sunday and NASCAR on Fox. He also is working on AM agitation program. He is going to host Dick Clark's $100,000 Pyramid.

Michael Strahan's departure from Live! with... Good or Bad?

I think it's a good step forward for Michael Strahan. He could help GMA ratings.
I think that Michael Strahan leaving Live! is a bad idea. He is too inexperienced at hosting.
I think that Kelly Ripa's behavior towards Michael Strahan caused this to happen.
It's a good thing Michael Strahan is gone. Kelly Ripa had better engagements with other hosts.
Do Riddles

Here's Kelly Ripa's response.

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