Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's Getting Wild In B-More!

This is a toy but to the law its a real gun.

One year to the day of the riots that affected the city of Baltimore, two incidents happened.

Both incidents happened with police using force.

A 13 year old boy who was playing with a toy gun was shot in the leg by the Baltimore police. The plain clothes detectives thought the boy was acting menacing with the toy. They claimed that they acknowledge themselves as "police" and the boy took off.

One of the officers shot the boy when he was running. According to the officer who shot the boy, he turned towards them with the intent.

Witnesses say that the plain clothes officers heard the boy say it's not real and shot him anyway.

Police commissioner Kevin Davis told the junk food media that his officers will be interviewed for the incident. Davis believes that the officers were justified in their pursuit but will take consideration in how the situation was handled.

The officers: two male and one female officer were placed in the freezer pending an investigation of the incident.

So far no charges were filed on the boy.
Sniper aim at man who held local television station hostage.
A racist troll who felt the need to comment on it went to social media to blame the victim and the mother. I mean when if it was a White person with a BB gun, I bet you money, the law wouldn't even mess with him.

And of course today, a man walks into WBFF's Fox 45 studios demanding he gets airtime or he'll blow the place up.

The Baltimore police got the news agitators out of the building. The terrorist wearing a vest with wires sticking out was bucked by the snipers. The sniper took a clear shot.

The suspect is a 25-year old who was wearing panda pajamas. He had in possession, a bunch of candy bars, rope, and a red inflator. The terrorist was a White guy.

It seems like Commissioner Davis has to deal with being his first year as the top cop for the city of Baltimore.

World News Today send our prayers to the boy who was shot by the law. If the boy and the terrorist are charged with any criminal act, they are innocent until proven guilty.

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