Friday, April 22, 2016

Teen Loses Her Life In Senseless Beating Inside Delaware High School!

A Delaware high school student loses her life to the senseless violence that plagues the Black community. Gang violence is often talked about in our community but is widely ignored by the junk food media.

When Black leaders talk about the senseless violence in the community it's ignored by the concern trolls.

The junk food media, the concern trolls and racial agitators (i.e. Colin Flaherty) often make Black on Whatever crime a frequent talking point. These entities are giving the world the notion that every Black American is prone to violence.

The life of this young girl is being highlighted in the junk food media. It's basically a story about a "good guy in the wrong place". This young girl was known to stop the violence. She ended up being a part of the systematic violence that plagues America.

Amy Inita Joyner-Francis was beaten senseless after being jumped by a group of girls. She would be killed inside the high school. Her friends mourn her death. They believe gang violence in Wilmington may have contributed to her death.

According to the junk food media, Amy was engaged in a fight inside the school. She was fighting one of the suspects. She was ambushed inside the restroom.

Amy was usually the one who stopped the fights. It's unfortunate her friends didn't stop this one.

As it was, Amy was often the one who calmly counseled her friends, many said. Amil Gibbs, a sophomore at Howard, said she would sit with Amy during lunch and tell her about problems she had in school. Amy would reassure her using simple encouragements, like “be strong,” she said, but from her they were effective.

Amy had a goal to attend college after her years at Howard High, Stryminksi said. In the same math class where she diffused a scuffle, he said, she sometimes had her own struggles with the numerical concepts. “Simple stuff that other people would say but I would react differently because she was very important to me,” Gibbs said.

“But even if she was struggling you could still see her pushing thought trying to pass, trying to get that good grade.”

That's the image many of Amy's neighbors had of the 16-year-old who had just recently earned her driving learner's permit. She was frequently seen quietly walking to the school bus each morning with her book bag.

"She would walk to the bus stop by herself," said Maxine Wilson, who lives near the teen's New Castle home. “I had never seen this little girl messing with anybody.”

Howard High School and the Wilmington Police are looking for the suspects.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Amy Inita Joyner-Francis. Your life was bright and you have opportunities to shine in the world. It's unfortunate that ignorance took this lovely young girl's life.

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