Saturday, April 30, 2016

Larry Wilmore Will Host The Nerd Prom!

Larry Wilmore hosts the WHCD.

For all that are interested in the events of tonight, you may see the White House Correspondents' Dinner tonight. Most of the cable news agitators will cover tonight's event.

This will be President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's last appearance at the annual ball of journalists, celebrities and lawmakers.

Larry Wilmore of The Nightly Show will be the host of tonight's event.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the Democratic candidate for president will be there in attendance. The others declined attending.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his running mate Carly Fiorina declined attendance.

Wilmore who is the senior Black host and commentator on The Nightly Show and The Daily Show will be skerring Trump.

In 2011, Trump attended the event at the peak of his feud with the president over his birth certificate.
Obama will likely go after Donald Trump, Fox News, The Drudge Report and CNN.
Obama hammered Trump for that one. Seth Meyers was mocking Trump, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and father Ron Paul for their stupid ambitions of running for president. The president was laughing and having a good time. He also was being fed information about a major break in the fight against terrorism.

To add insult to Trump, on the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice, NBC News interrupted the program to announce that U.S. forces caught Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. This will be fifth anniversary of the successful raid that lead to the capture of the al Qaeda leader.

The cast of black-ish, Modern Family, Scandal, House of Cards, The Daily Show, and Empire will be in attendance.

I will give you the livestream if you're interested in watching the event. You can visit the official White House live feed for all events that features the Obamas, Vice President Joe Biden and Press Secretary Josh Ernest.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Drake: Cop The Views!

Views is on sale.

Drake released the highly anticipated album VIEWS (formerly Views from the 6). The release on Universal Republic Records is the most talked about album this week.

Drake released it through APPLE Music and it's expected to go platinum as well. The album has 20 tracks and it has features from Jay-Z, Kanye West, PartyNEXTDoor, the late Pimp C and long time collaborator Future.

Drake announced another tour with Future. Could there be a sophomore to What a Time to Be Alive?

On the album cover, you see Drake sitting on Toronto's CN Tower.

The album came out at 11:59pm Thursday and many fans went and cop it. The songs were previewed on OVO Radio throughout the day.

Drake teamed up with APPLE Music to have his music exclusively released.

Another thing that is noted about the album. There is no members of Young Money or Cash Money on this album.

So in other words, get the VIEWS.

Expect his album to go platinum.
Here's one of the singles from VIEWS that Apple released to YouTube. You might have to go to iTunes or APPLE Music to view videos posted by Drake and Future.

Joy Reid Back On MSNBC!

Joy Ann Reid is back on MSNBC.
Looks like Melissa Harris-Perry ended up with pie on her face. Her friend Joy Reid now holds the spot for weekend programming on MSNBC. She will replace Harris Perry for the 10am-12pm slot.

Joy Reid was hosting a show during the 3pm-4pm weekdays slot. Reid had previously hosted the weekday daytime show, The Reid Report which was canceled in September. She was bumped for Brian Williams, the disgraced NBC News anchor who hosted The Nightly News. Reid didn't get mad she lost her gig. She went forth and earned praise for her coverage of the primaries and was rewarded with a time slot again.

Phil Griffin loved how Joy handled the program during the primaries.

When Melissa Harris-Perry made her infamous letter saying that Nerdland (known as Melissa Harris-Perry) was being canned for political coverage, I was shocked. MSNBC fired her out the cannon after the rant went viral.

I was thinking that MSNBC was sidelining one of the best talents on the liberal leaning network.

Joy was thankful to MSNBC and her former. She vowed to continue the discussions that Melissa Harris-Perry brought to the forefront.

Joy Reid filled in for Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell during their time off.

Congratulations to Joy Ann Reid. World News Today wishes her well on her journey.

John Boehner: Ted Cruz Is A Miserable Son Of A Bitch! He's Lucifer In The Flesh!

Former weeper calls Ted Cruz "Lucifer".

The hit Fox series Lucifer is greenlighted for a Fall return. The series debuted in Winter and managed to fill the void that Minority Report failed at. Lucifer will follow Gotham on Mondays.

Over at Stanford University, former House Weeper John Boehner had no love for Ted Cruz and his struggling campaign.

On tape, the former speaker said that he would never support that "miserable son of a bitch". He said that he's pretty cool with Donald Trump. He said of his friend John Kasich, that he has no real reason to be in this race.

"I have Democrat friends and Republican friends," the former House speaker said during a frank on-stage discussion at Stanford University Wednesday. "I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life."
Boehner clowning on Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina.
Boehner, who retired from Congress at the end of October, also let loose on the two other GOP candidates in the race.

Boehner called Cruz, "Lucifer in the flesh".

When asked about the comments Cruz and running mate Carly Fiorina said that Boehner is one of the reasons why government wasn't working. He's giving credence to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Boehner lives in West Chester, Ohio. He was the Congressman from the 8th Congressional district.

West Chester is in Butler County. That county went to Trump in a 2:1 ratio.

Boehner is no friend of Cruz. He blames Cruz for dragging Congress into the crapper.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's Getting Wild In B-More!

This is a toy but to the law its a real gun.

One year to the day of the riots that affected the city of Baltimore, two incidents happened.

Both incidents happened with police using force.

A 13 year old boy who was playing with a toy gun was shot in the leg by the Baltimore police. The plain clothes detectives thought the boy was acting menacing with the toy. They claimed that they acknowledge themselves as "police" and the boy took off.

One of the officers shot the boy when he was running. According to the officer who shot the boy, he turned towards them with the intent.

Witnesses say that the plain clothes officers heard the boy say it's not real and shot him anyway.

Police commissioner Kevin Davis told the junk food media that his officers will be interviewed for the incident. Davis believes that the officers were justified in their pursuit but will take consideration in how the situation was handled.

The officers: two male and one female officer were placed in the freezer pending an investigation of the incident.

So far no charges were filed on the boy.
Sniper aim at man who held local television station hostage.
A racist troll who felt the need to comment on it went to social media to blame the victim and the mother. I mean when if it was a White person with a BB gun, I bet you money, the law wouldn't even mess with him.

And of course today, a man walks into WBFF's Fox 45 studios demanding he gets airtime or he'll blow the place up.

The Baltimore police got the news agitators out of the building. The terrorist wearing a vest with wires sticking out was bucked by the snipers. The sniper took a clear shot.

The suspect is a 25-year old who was wearing panda pajamas. He had in possession, a bunch of candy bars, rope, and a red inflator. The terrorist was a White guy.

It seems like Commissioner Davis has to deal with being his first year as the top cop for the city of Baltimore.

World News Today send our prayers to the boy who was shot by the law. If the boy and the terrorist are charged with any criminal act, they are innocent until proven guilty.

Tater Bucks Mom With Boyfriend's Gun!

The Milwaukee County sheriff department may file charges against the boyfriend for negligent homicide and child endangering . The boyfriend who is a security guard at local business left his firearm in his girlfriend's ride.

Patrice Price, a 26 year old mother of three was on her way to pick up her boyfriend when her 2-year old son found the firearm underneath the front seat. The boy grabbed the gun and it went off striking Patrice in the head.

Patrice was on the highway when the incident occurred.

As she was shot the vehicle crashes into the barrier. The grandmother who was riding with Patrice held onto the 1-year old son at the time. She was shocked that her ignorant boyfriend left his firearm in a place that children could reach.

The children weren't in proper seating.

The Milwaukee police and county sheriff's department are investigating how this horrific tragedy happened. The boyfriend was a security guard. He left his firearm inside the vehicle.

This comes a few weeks after a woman named Jamie Gilt nearly lost her life to her son finding her firearm under her truck seat. Gilt was a conservative agitator who supported gun rights and rallied against President Barack Obama's executive orders on gun violence.

This also is a week since the tragic shootings in Ohio. The Ohio incident involving eight members of a family may have bigger implications than expected. The Rhodan family was digital dashing with the weed. Ohio lawmen say that the grow operation may have ties to cartels.

World News Today send our condolences to Patrice Price and those lost to senseless gun violence.

Spoiled Wannabe Cop Served In The Death Of Eric Harris!

Spoiled millionaire found guilty in the death of Eric Harris. Robert Bates, a former reserve deputy for Tulsa County, Oklahoma was found liable in the involuntary manslaughter of Harris.

The Tulsa County prosecutor said that money can't buy you everything. Obviously, Robert Bates was hoping that he could buy his way out of a murder trial. The jury can't be bought.

Bates, a local millionaire wanted to be a cop. He was with Tulsa Police when he witness Eric Harris in a sting operation.

Eric was selling unlicensed firearms to an undercover. The Tulsa Police circled the ride Eric was a passenger in. He saw the rouse and bolted.

Eric was subdued by the law. That's when Bates, tried to use a Taser on him. Well it wasn't the Taser, it was his service weapon. Bates would fatally shoot Eric while he was being handcuffed.

Eric was unarmed when he was detained
Bates was found guilty by the court on manslaughter. The jury recommends a sentences that could carry up to ten years in the iron college. The jury may at least give him four years.

Bates was an insurance salesman who had a connection to the former Sheriff of Tulsa County. He used that connection to become a reserve deputy. He didn't have proper training and he thrusted himself into the situation when he shouldn't have.

The jury found that Bates shouldn't involve himself with the situation when there were qualified deputies on the force. The jury took a few hours before they found him guilty of the charges.

Mind you this was an all-White jury.

What would have happened if the prosecutors and the junk food media made the story about Eric's criminal history?

Could the jury been swayed in the favor of Bates?

Bate's lawyers tried to use the "we he didn't mean to" excuse. Bates claimed he thought he reached for the Taser. Unfortunately, he grabbed his service weapon and shot Eric in the back.

In the body camera video, you can hear Bates say "Taser, Taser". He grabbed the wrong restraint and a gunshot goes off. Bates on video said "Oh, I shot him. I'm sorry".

Eric was screaming and cussing at the officer "He shot me. Oh my god."
Bates fatally shoots Eric Harris in the back.
One of the qualified deputies said to Eric, "shut the fuck up". Then he decides to cuff him. That officer may face a cannon firing for the interaction.

The incident led to the suspension of the reserve deputy program. The Tulsa County sheriff at the time Stanley Glanz resigned. Glanz, a Republican got an opportunity to hang out with his buddy Bates. They often took expensive trips. And sometimes they were filmed hunting animals.

Bates is White man and Eric Harris was a Black man  The shooting happened around the time when tensions were high with police interactions with unarmed Black suspects.

Bates will appeal the decision.

He won't be taking them vacations to the Bahamas anytime soon. Last year, he had his passport revoked when he told the junk food media he will head to the Bahamas to reflect on his error of judgement.

Did Prince Have AIDS?

Allegations swirl. Did Prince have AIDS?

Many tabloids are speculating that the famed singer was diagnosis with the HIV-virus. They claim that due to the singer's beliefs in medicine, he let it progress into AIDS.

According to sources close to Prince, they said that he was in bad shape. They said that doctors were telling Prince that his blood count was extremely low and his body temperature was dropping below normal.

He was out of place and disoriented. They said when he wanted to eat, he would throw it back up.

When the junk food media captured Prince in the Walgreen's parking lot pacing around, some thought that he looked like he was lost and out of place.

The source claims that Prince attracted the virus in the 1990s and kept the illness private out of fear of rejection.

Prince was a devout Jehovah's Witness and he often would not discuss issues that are negative.

He left no will. Now his family is battling with the record label over how his money and vault of music is going to be distributed. He was cremated on Saturday.

Prince died last Thursday shocking the junk food media.

The National Enquirer has often dished out dirt on many celebrities. It broke the stories of Jesse Jackson, Bill Cosby and John Edwards having illegitimate children.

It broke the story of Ted Cruz having numerous affairs on staffers and people who supported him.

And now Prince with AIDS. I am not surprised that everyone speculates things. But until the bag 'em ups says otherwise, I won't jump to conclusions.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Former House Perv Heads To Federal Time Out!

The longest serving House Speaker is the biggest pervert to ever exist.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is heading to federal time out. He admits that he had numerous affairs with boys when he was then a coach a local high school. The former lawmaker from Illinois was the longest serving Speaker in history.

His legacy of hypocrisy came full circle today. The 75-year old was wheeled into federal court in Chicago to face the music.

The former Congressman will now head to federal time out for hiding money.

He hid money for one of his victims who ended up as one of  his mistresses.

Now his reputation is forever tarnished as a child molester and pervert.

The judge put his ass in the federal time out for 15 months. Unfortunate it wasn't LIFE in the federal time out.

The former speaker says he's deeply sorry for this shit. Yeah, right!

This statute of limitations prevented him from being charged with sexual abuse.

Hastert must now register as a sex offender for the rest of his life once he exits the federal time out.

He will now payback those he's abused.

Carly Cruz!

The fox and the hound. To keep his struggling campaign hopes alive, Ted Cruz throws a Hail Carly!

In a last ditch effort to stop Donald Trump, Ted Cruz announced today that he will select Carly Fiorina as his running mate if he secures the Republican nomination.

Just when we thought it was over for Carly Fiorina, she pops back into the spotlight.

The failed presidential candidate is now a vice presidential candidate.

Fiorina is a perennial candidate who ran for president and U.S. senate was seen as a shortlist for nominees if the Republican candidate happened to score the nomination.

Cruz is pretty much out of luck in stopping Trump. His final stand is in Indiana. He hopes to beat Trump in one of the most politically conservative states.
The pair call Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump two sides of the same coin. Unfortunately, they're no different.
Many say this was a "bad move" for Ted Cruz.

The rumors going around is that Cruz had an affair with Fiorina's campaign manager. Cruz managed to pay off Fiorina's debt. Some may say that Cruz may had an affair with Fiorina.

We don't know. I am not trying to be sexist or conspiratorial.

Trump slammed the pair. He said that this latest attempt is going to backfire.

The announcement was done in Indianapolis.

Not WanTED!

Indiana or bust! Cruz may announce his choice for Veep or he's getting out!

Sources are saying that either Ted Cruz is dropping out or he's planning on picking failed presidential candidate Carly Fiorina as his running mate. There is talk that Republican governor of Indiana Mike Pence may endorse Cruz for president.

After a bruising defeat in the Northeast, Cruz is hoping to secure last ditch efforts in Montana, West Virginia and Indiana. We can't confirm any news at this time. But he's slated to make an announcement at 4pm.

Speculations are floating.


If Ted Cruz does happen to drop out, I'll posted it as soon as possible.

The Bern is being felt in the Democratic races in Maryland. Hillary Clinton may have won the state in close race, but some of her coattails failed to score a win.

A corrupt former mayor went down in defeat. An establishment Democrat beats the insurgent who could have achieved a political feat.
Catherine Pugh (left) defeats former mayor Sheila Dixon in the Democratic primary for Baltimore mayor.
Catherine Pugh beats Sheila Dixon and activist DeRay McKesson in the Democratic race for Baltimore mayor. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake opted out of reelection after pressure mounted against her during the Freddie Gray incident. The city rioted and Rawlings-Blake took responsibility for the actions. She faced a tougher reelection if she would have ran again.

McKesson was a longshot candidate who is a vocal member of the BlackLivesMatter and ProjectZero movements.

Dixon was the former mayor of Baltimore after failed presidential candidate Martin O'Malley. O'Malley, then governor tired and failed at winning the Democratic nomination. Dixon was a political grandstander who had a history of making outlandish remarks and giving her friends and family a piece of the pie. She was indicted on federal charges for corruption. She resigned and then city district councilor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake took the role as mayor.
Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) defeats fellow lawmaker Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) for Democratic nomination for the open U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD).
The Freddie Gray incident hurt her chances at running for Congress. She had an intention to run for Congress if Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) was to retire.

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) beats Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) in the Democratic primary. He will be candidate in a TOSS UP race for the seat being vacated by Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), the oldest and longest serving woman in the U.S. Senate. The seat is a TOSS UP and the challenger for the Republican seat is State Delegate Kathy Szeliga. She will make this a nail-biter race due to the fact that Van Hollen has baggage.

Edwards was one of the few Black lawmakers who would make an appearance on Fox News. She was part of the insurgency that's pushing for progressive issues such as raising the minimum wage and getting rid of the Citizen United ruling.

Now before I move on to the next post. I'll give you my take on the closely watched U.S. Senate races as of today.

Colorado - Michael Bennet (RUNNING) (TOSS UP)
Florida - Marco Rubio (RETIRING) (TOSS UP)
Illinois - Mark Kirk (RUNNING) (LEANS DEMOCRAT)
Maryland - Barbara Mikulski (RETIRING) (TOSS UP)
New Hampshire - Kelly Ayotte (RUNNING) (LEANS REPUBLICAN)
Wisconsin - Ron Johnson (RUNNING) (TOSS UP)
Pennsylvania - Pat Toomey (RUNNING) (TOSS UP)
North Carolina - Richard Burr (RUNNING) (LEANS REPUBLICAN)
Iowa - Chuck Grassley (RUNNING) (LEANS REPUBLICAN)
Nevada - Harry Reid (RETIRING) (TOSS UP)

Now there are other races for the U.S. Senate. I won't say too much about them. Some are considered either Safe Republican or Safe Democrat. If there's a shake up in the Arizona, Louisiana and Missouri races, I'll bring it up.

Chaka Fattah Got The Bern!

Democratic lawmaker got the Bern. Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA) was told to shake.

The Bern was felt in Philadelphia yesterday.

Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) was told to bounce. The lawmaker who is under federal indictment knew the odds weren't in his favor. He decided to keep his political fires burning with the people who lobbied him in.

He faced defeat from Pennsylvania state representative Dwight Evans. Evans decided that Philadelphia needed a leader who wasn't two feet deep in the corruption.

Fattah will serve out the remainder of his term. He will appear in federal court on corruption charges.

He could face 15 years in federal time out if found guilty.

For 11 terms, Fattah was outspent by Evans.

Fattah is accused of accepting bribes and misusing campaign funds for his friends and his family under the guise of charitable grants.

Fattah tried to run for mayor of Philadelphia but failed to win the Democratic nomination.

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney and Pennsylvania's Democratic governor Tom Wolf threw their support to Evans.
Let's move forward. Dwight Evans beats longtime Democratic lawmaker Chaka Fattah.
Fattah tried to throw Obama into the race. President Barack Obama declined to endorse Fattah in this election. The White House was none too happy to hear Fattah using Obama's name in vein.

Fattah is married to Renee Chenault-Fattah. She was a local news agitator. She bounced from the job after the feds started to look into her dealings with lobbyist. Some of them lobbyists were informants for the FBI and they've watched the lawmaker for some time.

The Bernie Sanders effect may have not helped him win Pennsylvania. The effect did throw an established lawmaker out of Congress.

Michael Strahan Playing 4th & Goal!

Frenemies. Michael Strahan leaves in two weeks. Kelly Ripa now has to find a permanent host.

People Magazine reports that former NFL star and celebrity agitator Michael Strahan is leaving Live! with Kelly & Michael in less than two weeks. He decided he can't do it any longer now that Kelly Ripa is no longer speaking to him.

He will depart from Live on May 13.

Ripa was hurt by the announcement of Strahan leaving the popular AM show for Good Morning America. She took a leave of absence after the news broke. She returned Tuesday to give a brutal takedown of ABC.

She did say some nice things about Strahan.

He will take on a full time role as an anchor on GMA.

This comes as one of the most shocking moments in TV history. The four years that Strahan had on Live! were memorable. This one should be the most memorable of the former Superbowl champion.

Now it's 1st & 10 and he's leading the way to a better career.

Strahan also is working on hosting duties on Fox NFL Sunday and NASCAR on Fox. He also is working on AM agitation program. He is going to host Dick Clark's $100,000 Pyramid.

Michael Strahan's departure from Live! with... Good or Bad?

I think it's a good step forward for Michael Strahan. He could help GMA ratings.
I think that Michael Strahan leaving Live! is a bad idea. He is too inexperienced at hosting.
I think that Kelly Ripa's behavior towards Michael Strahan caused this to happen.
It's a good thing Michael Strahan is gone. Kelly Ripa had better engagements with other hosts.
Do Riddles

Here's Kelly Ripa's response.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Philly Cheesesteaks!

Looking good for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump swept all the Northeastern States in his quest for the Republican nomination.

Not even a contest. Trump made himself the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party. The controversial media and business mogul took Ted Cruz and John Kasich to the woodshed.

Trump wins Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and Delaware.

Hillary Clinton also came out big this evening as well. She won Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and Delaware.

Bernie Sanders can claim a victory in Rhode Island. With only one win on the belt, Sanders now finds it even harder. He has no real chance at winning the Democratic nomination.

Donald Trump gets five and Hillary gets four.
Trump will now focus on taking on Clinton. He is going to start ignoring Cruz and Kasich.
Trump was widely expected to dominate the primaries, his margins of victory represented a breakthrough: He received 55 percent to 60 percent of the vote in some states, after months of winning many primaries with less than a majority.

Trump’s success intensified the aura of inevitability around his bid to lead the Republicans, and created urgent new challenges for his rivals. More significant, it increased his chances of avoiding a fight on the floor of the party’s convention in July and of claiming the nomination on the delegates’ first ballot.

Ted Cruz's last stand is in the politically conservative Indiana. If he fails at winning the state, it could be over for him.

We have a real race ahead. Trump and Clinton are the presumptive nominees and its going to be a bloody battle for the White House.

Mississippi Mom Takes A Cruz!

Mississippi woman is being called Miss Cruz.

The junk food media spotted a guest who was on the Maury show who looks eerily similar to struggling presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Mediaite gets the goods on the woman who is shocked that people think she could be a long lost daughter or sister of the Republican senator from Texas.

The woman went on the show, which was broadcast on Monday, because her partner feared she had been unfaithful - but she passed lie-detector tests and DNA results showed her child was his.

She told Maury in a short video broadcast on the show's Facebook page: "I had never heard of Ted Cruz."
Hayes’ brush with fame began on Monday when her appearance on The Maury Povich Show aired 
Never heard of him.
Searcy Hayes, is a 21 year old mother from Natchez, Mississippi. She looks like the female version of the world's most hated politician. She and her boyfriend took part in a DNA test to see whether he was indeed the father of her baby son Jayden Tyler Green - with Hayes later posting news of the positive result on Facebook.

Her boyfriend, Freddie Nathan Green Jr, is also an active social media user and has a Facebook profile littered with pictures of Hayes and their son.

And being the most hated politician is a title that Cruz wears like a badge. Now Searcy is facing harsh criticism from online trolls saying that she's ugly and making her the target of ridicule.

Searcy told the junk food media, she's not interested in helping Cruz. She wishes him well, though.

She rather Make America Be Great Again!

"I don’t know his positions and I’ve never seen him, so I don’t know if he’s done a good enough job to be reelected."
Mississippi mom who looks like Ted Cruz supports his rival Donald Trump.
Now she's getting offers from social media. XHamster, a porn streaming website offered her a $10,000 deal to make a parody porn about Ted Cruz. They seriously believe that Cruz had numerous affairs and they're willing to pay women the opportunity to tell their side of their story.

The woman is willing to do it. And XHamster will exclusively produce any video she chooses to participate in. She and her boyfriend moved across the Mississippi River and live in a trailer park in Louisiana. This money would help her move out of that area and into a house.

Her boyfriend gave his blessings.

Many porn companies have blocked access to North Carolina over their controversial restroom law.

XHamster led the way to pushing a DOS on North Carolina. So if you want to see BBW porn with Searcy "Miss Cruz" Hayes, head to Virginia.

Charles Koch: I Might Stay Out Of This One!

Charles Koch isn't going to support the Republican nominee for president.

ABC News agitator Jonathan Karl interviews Charles Koch, the CEO of Koch Industries.

Koch gave his take on the Republican race. He said that he might support the nominee.

He said that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are inept lawmakers. Koch told Karl that he believes that Hillary Clinton could be a better leader than these three.

"In other ways, I mean [Clinton] wasn't an exemplar. But as far as the growth of government, the increase in spending," Koch said. "It was 2.5 times [more] under Bush than it was under Clinton."

It almost looks like he's throwing in the towel on who to support. Now that Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are in the m dustbin, Republicans are severely divided over who they'll support for president.

The recent teaming up by Cruz and Kasich shows that the Republican Party is in such disarray.

Koch said that they are terrible candidates. He vows to stay out the race.

"We haven't put a penny in any of these campaigns, pro or con," Koch said. "That's not what we do. What we're trying to do is build alliances to make the country better.”

The billionaire philanthropist is the scourge of the left. He has pumped billions into Republican activism. The Republican Party often seeks the donations of Charles and David Koch.

The Koch brothers are often behind the scenes of shadowy SuperPacs.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have complained that the SuperPacs are destroying the country.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Lil' Kim: I'm Not Changing! I'm Evolving! [NSFW]

She's not even....well you know!

I've talked about it a few years back. And now the junk food media is talking about it. Lil' Kim is going off the deep end. It appears that Lil' Kim is looking a little bit pale these days.

We've talked about skin bleaching awhile back. It seems like it's about to be brought to the limelight now that many in the junk food media accused the Brooklyn rapper of bleaching her skin.

It's no secret that Lil' Kim had numerous plastic surgery on her face, her breasts and her butt. Many speculate that her addiction to beauty has doomed her.

I'm not surprised that Black women are not fond of this new look. Many people believe that Lil' Kim is looking for attention.

Before Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, there was Lil' Kim showing off her beauty. And many in the junk food media praised her for being astonishing.

She is a hot mess!
Now the junk food media is ridiculing her for trying to age gracefully.

Lil' Kim isn't the only person known to have plastic surgery. Her buddy Pamela Anderson, the late celebrity agitator Joan Rivers and daughter Melissa had many surgeries on their bodies.

This new look from Lil' Kim is..........No comment!

I am just shocked.

The rapper released a mixtape this year.

The 41-year old rapper is a first time mommy. She gave birth to her daughter last year. She named her daughter Royal Reign. The father of her daughter is 30 year old rapper Mr. Papers.

Mr. Papers gained fame for being the young buck who got the opportunity to knock up the Queen Bee. He's currently fighting for custody of their child.

Cougar hunting and plastic surgery. A sign of the times. I am guessing it's looking like she's being taken through the washer a couple of times.

Cleveland Puts The Value Of Tamir Rice In Cash!

Tamir Rice's life was more than what Cleveland paid out. 

The family of Tamir Rice was awarded $6 million in punitive damages. The family will be paid out in two transactions. The family filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Cleveland, Ohio and the two officers who fatally killed Tamir while he was playing with a toy gun.

Frank Jackson, the mayor of Cleveland is working with Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department to fix the Cleveland Police. He was none too happy paying out this large amount. Cleveland is struggling with financial burdens.

The family says that it would rather see the two officers locked up for negligent homicide.

Cleveland police officers Frank Garmback and Tim Loehmann were dispatched to a call of a man with a gun in the park. They arrived within minutes. Upon exiting the vehicle, Loehmann put slugs in Tamir without conscience.

According to Tamir's sister, she was upset that the law shot her brother. They ended up knocking her down and arresting her. Tamir's mother Samaria was threatened with arrest if she didn't stop yelling at the officers.

This event happened in November 2014.

Loehmann and Garmback are working the desk pending a federal investigation into the handling of the case. They avoided getting state charges of involuntary manslaughter dropped. The prosecutor found that even though Ohio is an open carry state, the officers had reasonable cause to use force.

Loehmann was a rookie officer. He was fired out the cannon from another police department after they found him incompetent and reckless.

The public is calling for the officers and the 911 operator to be fired out the cannon.

The prosecutor Tim McGinty faced a primary defeat after he found that Loehmann's actions were justified. Many claimed that McGinty was being too soft on the reckless behavior by cops.

Marissa Williams and Timothy Russell were shot over 137 times by Cleveland and East Cleveland police. Out of the 22 officers who fired upon the two, one was indicted on charges. He was found not guilty of the shooting. The other officers faced a cannon firing or a downgrade.

Cleveland paid $10 million to the families of both Marissa and Timothy.

Three Blind Mice!

Donald Trump calls the collaboration of Ted Cruz and John Kasich a flop.

Donald Trump is likely going to win the Republican primaries in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland and Delaware. It's going to be unlikely for Trump's two rivals to catch up.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich had enough of the Trump campaign. They decided to team up to stop Trump from winning the nomination. Cruz is going to stomp in Montana, Indiana and West Virginia to court the Evangelical vote. Kasich will stomp in New Mexico, Oregon and Washington to court the moderate vote.

Both have negotiated that they will not interfere in the races. Trump fired at them for being desperate.

This will go all the way to California and right into the Republican Convention in Cleveland.

It's going to be an ugly floor fight between Republicans. The most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media is going to be blamed for the civil war between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

With that being said, I've asked you before: Do you honestly believe that Sean Hannity is the most annoying conservative agitator in the junk food media?

Because of him and his "access" to the candidates, Hannity done sparked a major feud between candidates.

Kasich and Cruz had enough of Hannity and his constant butt kissing of Donald Trump.

Last week the junk food media reported that Ted Cruz is feuding with Hannity after they had a testy exchange on radio last week. On the day of the New York primary, Hannity asked Cruz the question about Colorado and Wyoming's delegation victories and the concerns that they were stolen. Cruz shot that down and slammed Trump and those like Hannity for bringing it up. Hannity went ballistic on the Republican. Since then, Hannity has said that it's nearly impossible for Cruz or Kasich to win.

Billy Paul Passed Away!

Legendary singer Billy Paul passed away on Sunday.

The Associated Press reports that Billy Paul has passed away at the age of 81 years old. The famed singer was known for the 1972 hit single "Me and Mrs. Jones."

Paul passed away from pancreatic cancer in his New Jersey home.

Paul was a part of the Philadelphia Sound. The sound that brought a genre of soul music characterized by funk influences and lush instrumental arrangements, often featuring sweeping strings and piercing horns. The subtle sound of a vibraphone can often be heard in the background of Philly soul songs. The genre laid the groundwork for disco and what are now considered quiet storm and smooth jazz by fusing the R&B rhythm sections of the 1960s with the pop vocal tradition, and featuring a slightly more pronounced jazz influence in its melodic structures and arrangements.

Known by his beard and large glasses, Paul was one of many singers who found success with the writing and producing team of Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, whose Philadelphia International Records also released music by the O'Jays, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, and Lou Rawls.

"Me and Mrs. Jones" was an extramarital confession and a characteristic Gamble and Huff production, setting Paul's thick tenor against a lush and sensuous arrangement. Many fans best remember the moment when Paul's otherwise subtle vocals jump as they reach the title words, stretching out "Me" and "And" into multiple syllables and repeating "Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones." (Paul himself was married to the same woman for decades).

Paul's voice made him "one of the great artists to come out of Philly and to be celebrated worldwide," Gamble and Huff said in a statement late Sunday.

"Our proudest moment with Billy was the recording of the salacious smash 'Me and Mrs. Jones.' In our view, it is one of the greatest love songs ever recorded," they said.

The song was one of the top singles of 1972 and brought Paul a Grammy the following year for best male rhythm 'n blues performance, with runners-up including Ray Charles and Curtis Mayfield. Paul remained identified with the song for the rest of his life.

Paul continued to perform live until he fell ill and his manager said he had been lining up numerous appearances at the time of his death. Among his favorites in concert was a cover of Prince's "Purple Rain." (Prince died last Thursday).

He was born Paul Williams but later agreed to his manager's suggestion that he change his name to Billy Paul to avoid confusion with songwriter Paul Williams and other musicians with the same name. A Philadelphia native, he sang much his life, performing with such jazz stars as Charlie Parker and Dinah Washington and being featured on a handful of singles while still in his teens.

Paul was drafted into the military in his early 20s, and found himself on the same base in Germany with a couple of famous show business names, Elvis Presley and Gary Crosby, Bing Crosby's son.

"We said we're going to start a band, so we didn't have to do any hard work in the service," he told in 2015. "We tried to get Elvis to join but he wanted to be a jeep driver. So me and Gary Crosby, we started it and called ourselves the Jazz Blues Symphony Band."

By the mid-1960s, the Beatles had inspired him to incorporate more rhythm 'n blues into his singing and he had found a new home for his recordings after meeting Gamble at a Philadelphia music shop. His early albums with Gamble and Huff, including "Ebony Woman" and "Going East," sold modestly, before "Me and Mrs. Jones" briefly made him a superstar.
He will be missed.
Paul faced numerous obstacles following his biggest hit. Radio stations resisted his more socially conscious follow-up song, "Am I Black Enough for You" and the Rev. Jesse Jackson was among those who objected to the explicit "Let's Make a Baby."

Years later, Paul sued Gamble and Huff and other industry officials over unpaid royalties and was awarded $500,000 by a Los Angeles jury in 2003.

Paul is survived by his wife, Blanche Williams, with whom he had two children. Although he endured many difficult moments with Gamble and Huff, he would look back on those years as a lost golden age.

"It was like a family full of music," he told "It was like music round the clock, you know. And I reminisce and I still wish those days were here."

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Billy Paul. His memorable song will forever etched in stone as one of the greatest soul hits.

Lindsay Lohan Begs For Attention!

Troubled celebrity found Allah!

From A-list celebrity to D-list. The troubled entertainer is about to fail at another feat, Islam.

I am certainly wondering when this will last! Lindsay Lohan announced that she's converting to Islam after seeing the sunrise.

Lohan has a record of failure.

Lohan has been a troubled celebrity since the mid-2000s. She tried and failed at music. She's been partying hard. Drinking booze, smoking the weed, snorting the snow and shooting the arm candy.

She's dated men and women. She's broken too many hearts.

Many in Hollywood have said that she's extremely difficult to work with.

Now she's blackballed.

Lohan was a household name when she played in the Tina Fey's produced movie Mean Girls.

BeyHive Going After Rachel Roy For Tagging Jay!

Celebrity fashion designer accused of having an affair with Jay-Z. Rachel Roy got stung by the BeyHive.

Don't mess with the BeyHive. They will sting you....and they never forget!

Queen Bey celebrates another platinum album. The album Lemonade was declared platinum this weekend. The album is a hit. Of course, the album is filled with cryptic messages aimed at several individuals.

One person singled out is her husband, rapper/media mogul Shawn Corey Carter, known to the world as Jay-Z.

A fashion designer was singled out as the alleged mistress in Beyonce's album. The rumors are spreading and the junk food media is covering the cheating allegations by Jay-Z.

Rachel Roy is getting stung by the BeyHive after her name turned up in the little black book.

Beyonce released her new visual album on Saturday, entitled "Lemonade." In some of the lyrics, Beyonce refers to Jay Z’s mistress as "Becky with the good hair."
Bey is going to hammer the Jiggaman if cheating allegations are proven true.
Fans token Rachel Roy as "Becky".

Fans came for Rachel Roy after her Instagram post, saying she taunted Beyonce. Roy caption said, "good hair don't care, but we will take good lighting, for our selfies, or self truths, always."

Roy who was married to Jay-Z's former partner Dame Dash is under scrutiny for having multiple affairs. Roy's alleged affair with Jay-Z caused Dash and her to split up. Dash is suing for custody of his children and breach of contract in their joint business venues.

Jay-Z had alleged affairs with Mya, celebrity agitator Free and Rihanna.

His cheating affairs may have been the reason why Queen Bey's sister Solange gave the Jigga man a five finger roll.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Old Yeller Polishes The Prettiest Turd at Dying Kmart in Englewood, Ohio

Drudge Disturbing The BeyHive!

Queen Bey is releasing her album on Tidal. The album Lemonade is already platinum by sales figures. It's one of the very few albums in Beyonce's collection where she is the "bawse" of this.

The BeyHive is thrilled.

She is the Queen of Pop.

The album was accompanied by the release of a 60-minute short film of the same name, which premiered on HBO. It features co-production from a wide range of artists, and includes guest vocals from artists including James Blake, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and Jack White. To further promote the album, Beyoncé will embark on The Formation World Tour in April 2016.

Beyonce released the album on her very own Parkwood Entertainment, Inc. label.

Well apparently not all are too happy with Beyonce. This afternoon The Drudge Report splashes this title "Beyonce 'Urban Terrorist' In New Video; Baseball Bat Rampage."

The second single off the album is Hold Up. The video is featuring Beyonce smashing windows while children and people are watching.

This critic named Roger Friedman penned a criticism about the video. He didn't happen to actually get the message about how subliminal Queen Bey is.
Right wing slug Roger Friedman pans Queen Bey.
He claims Beyonce is getting revenge on husband Jay-Z for cheating on her.

Friedman added, "Indeed, all of 'Lemonade' appears to be Beyonce saying she's made lemonade from lemons– meaning she's somehow stuck it out in a bad marriage despite lying and infidelity. That sounds more like the Clintons' story than the Obamas'".

He says that Jay-Z should be in her videos. After all they're a married couple. Friedman also takes a shot at Tidal, the music streaming service that Jay-Z is part owner in. Beyonce is Jay-Z's business partner. He supports her 100%.

The most notable lyrics he managed to whine about were  "I’d rather be crazy" than being "walked all over lately." She asks: "Are you cheating on me?"

"Back up hold up/They don’t love you like I love you."

"I’m gonna fuck me up a bitch.”

So Friedman sums it up in his condescending fashion. He believes that Beyonce looks nuts in this video.

He says that Beyonce is suppose to be a role model to women across the world. He believes that she's a slut and her actions are pleasing crowds that "[Act out] at one of those Monster truck rallies."

The link was posted at 2:30pm and the video was released on Tidal about 11am.
The First Ladies: Michelle Obama embraces Queen Bey.
Friedman got balls. He should never go after Queen Bey. The Hive will go after him. Trust me, if they found out that Friedman penned this garbage, he'll be swarmed.

Friedman has a history of making outlandish gossip about Hollywood. He's no fan of Beyonce and Jay-Z. He is a conservative movie critic who rants about how movies like 2014's Annie were trash because it had Black actors instead of White actors.

This morning the conservative agitator splashed First Lady Michelle Obama delivering her commencement speech at a Mississippi college on the state's controversial religious freedom law.

This is what Matt Drudge does for a living! He deliberately pushes stories that involve racial issues.

As you see below, this was the earlier posting from the conservative Craigslist.

Drudge has picked fights with the Carters before. In 2013, it splashed Jay-Z and Beyonce appearing in Cuba to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Conservatives were upset over it. Five Florida Republican lawmakers were calling for investigations into the couple's trip. Even hip-hop head, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was wondering why Jay-Z would pick a place like Cuba to have a vacation.

Republicans and conservative agitators have blamed President Barack Obama for giving special access to the Carters.

The conservatives are picking a fight with Queen Bey and it's going to backfire.

Beyonce isn't playing games. She is very passionate about the plight in Black America. She has been a vocal supporter of #BlackLivesMatter and has appeared with Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin.

With this being splashed on the website, conservatives are planning on going after her for being "anti-cop" or "anti-White".

Heads up!

You won't be able to see the video or listen to the full album on YouTube, DailyMotion or any video streaming services.

It's exclusively on Tidal.

So don't expect any videos being posted Vevo until later.

Listen to comedian Zachary Campbell give his take on Beyonce.

Mass Shooting In Georgia! Who's Gonna Get The Blame?

Terrorist murdered his family.
And like most mass shootings, this one will be ignored by the junk food media. Why, you may ask?

It doesn't involve a school or a business. The terrorist is Black, so it will likely be disturbed through the conservative blogs about how "criminality" is tied to some entity that avoids the mention of gun violence.

Obviously, Black on whatever crime is mentioned by the racial extremists. They have a field day with blaming President Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and #BlackLivesMatter for every incident that involves a person of color.

The blame game is the divisive ploy of conservative and liberal agitators. Instead of blaming the terrorist, they blame someone else for the actions.

Apparently there were seven members of a family gunned down. There's no word of the suspect being caught. The schools and residential neighborhoods are on lockdown.

President Barack Obama, Georgia governor Nathan Deal, Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) and Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) will likely be notified of this shooting and will give out statements.

Mass shooting in Georgia. Who's Gonna Get The Blame In This Tragedy?
Barack Obama
The Junk Food Media
The Shooter

A man who shot and killed five people during two separate shootings as part of a domestic dispute in Georgia was found dead in his home early Saturday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, authorities say. The body of shooting suspect Wayne Anthony Hawes, 50, was recovered Saturday by authorities in his northeastern Georgia home, Columbia County Sheriff Captain Andy Shedd said in a statement. He said the Friday night shootings killed three women and two men.

The victims found in one home in Appling, near Augusta, were identified as Roosevelt Burns, 75, Rheva Mae Dent, 85, and Kelia Clark, 31. Victims found at the other scene were identified as Lizzy Williams, 59, and Shelly Williams, 62. Hawes knew the victims and the shootings stemmed from a domestic incident, Shedd said. He says Hawes' wife was not among the victims but that some of her family members were among those killed. Hawes knew the victims and the shootings stemmed from a domestic incident, Shedd said. An investigation is ongoing.

World News Today send our condolences to the victims of this senseless tragedy in Georgia.


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