Thursday, March 24, 2016

White Extremist Offers Black Trump Supporters A Rope To Hang Themselves!

Donald Trump's two Black supporters cooning around with him.

The friends you keep. Diamond and Silk, the two only Black women who openly support the controversial Donald Trump palling around with a White extremist and they didn't even know it.

Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson became famous after they made a video slamming the Fox News host Megyn Kelly after she gave Trump a question about his sexist behavior.

Since then, the two had made videos completely trashing Kelly, President Barack Obama and Republican rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich. They also go after immigrants, Blacks not hip to Trump and those who believe they're coons for support him.

Well for all the success, Diamond and Silk get national attention.

They appear on this radio show hosted by John Friend. The show called American Free Press is a White extremist-themed show. The host is a White extremist, Holocaust denier and fellow Trump supporter.

The show was broadcast on American Free Press, a website that calls itself “independent, populist, and pro-White“ and promotes racist and anti-Semitic views and conspiracy theories.
Ex-San Diego city worker become one of the biggest voices in the White extremist movement.
The two sisters, prompted by Friend, accused immigrants of demanding services and civil rights and somehow depriving Americans of those things.

"It’s time for the American people to be taken care of," said Silk in the interview, first reported by Media Matters. "It’s time for somebody to look out for the American people, and that’s what we love about Donald Trump. Everybody wants to be mad at Donald Trump, but at least he listens to the American people."

The White extremist writes a blog where he spouts racist and anti-Semitic views. He also cites Hitler and Goebbels as his inspirations.

“The only real, authentic kind of Americans there are, considering the racial group that settled, built, founded, and developed this once great nation, are those of White European descent,” he wrote recently.

Friend has said that intermarriage between races will result in “white genocide.” But he kept his views on race under wraps during the interview with the Diamond and Silk and agreed with most of what they said.

“People are tired of being under- or unemployed. We need to bring back good jobs, opportunities for people to be gainfully employed,” said Silk. “People are tired of his divide in our country. It’s time to bring back spirit, it’s time to unite. Remember, this is the United States, not the Divided States, so it’s time for us to come together.”

The friends that Donald Trump keeps are extremists. When will that annoying conservative agitator Sean Hannity ask Trump about these associations?

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