Thursday, March 03, 2016

White Extremist Got A Press Pass For A Trump Rally!

Another White extremist endorsed Donald Trump for president. James Edwards,(right) is a far right radio host bragged about his interview with Trump's family and representatives.

James Edwards, the host of the Political Cesspool, a White extremist radio program got an opportunity to cover a Trump rally in Memphis.

The radio show is pro-White, anti-Semitic, anti-Black, anti-Muslim and conservative.

The white extremist shared his experience with his audience. He bragged about getting a press pass to cover the rally when Trump landed in the extremist's hometown. He endorsed Donald Trump along with fellow extremist David Duke.

Media Matter for America and the Southern Poverty Law Center have long complained that this white extremist is popping off at the mouth about how Whites are on the verge of extinction.

On the Political Cesspool, the extremist giving Trump's son, Donald, Jr. some airtime to talk.

Remember Donald, Jr. got a lot of airplay on that annoying conservative agitator Sean Hannity's program. He's being the ambassador to the Trump campaign.

Now the Trump campaign has no comment. They assured that Don, Jr. didn't know that guy was a White extremist.

The extremist said that his endorsement is a benefit to the Trump campaign. He said that he'll post the interview with Donald, Jr. on Saturday.

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