Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump Defends Thug Who Shoved Agitator!

Trump's right hand shoved a reporter with a left hand.

Corey Lewandowski was charged with misdemeanor battery after he was accused of shoving former Breitbart News report Michelle Fields after a Donald Trump presser.

Fields said that when she attempted to ask Donald Trump a question as he was exiting the rally, Lewandowski grabbed and yanked Fields, leaving bruises on her left forearm. The Washington Post reporter Ben Terris, who allegedly witnessed the incident, identified Lewandowski.

Fields filed a criminal complaint with the local police department alleging battery.

The Trump campaign denied Fields' account, as did Lewandowski on his Twitter feed where he denied touching her. Further video evidence showed Lewandowski walking by Fields, appearing to lean and reach in her direction.

Also, she states that he grabbed her upper arm yet the bruises that she put on display are from her lower arm.
Michelle Fields files a criminal complaint against Trump's campaign manager after he roughed her up.

Lewandowski is the campaign manager for the Trump campaign. He will have a day in court for the attack. He is innocent until proven guilty.

Trump has defended Lewandowski. He said that his friend did the right thing.

Fields was a conservative agitator and reporter for the controversial news blog. Breitbart is totally in the tank for Trump. Some claim that Trump's paying the struggling news agitator.

Fields didn't get much backup from Breitbart and conservatives. The conservatives believe that Fields make up the whole incident. They feel that she was deliberately trying to stop Trump.

Some are calling her a liberal for going to the press to tell her side of the story.

Fields has gotten her share of death threats from this.

We hope that Michelle Fields finally see the light. Conservatives don't give a fuck about her. They don't see her as a news reporter. They see her as a person who deserved it.

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