Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Standard!

Black people face a higher standard.

Yeah, I've denied it for years. I believe that Blacks are held to a higher standard when it comes to the law, jobs, government, activism, sports, and entertainment. It seems like I'm waking up to the reality that our country is failing on equal rights.

I am starting to realize that "high hopes" are just "wishful thinking".

White people are treated much differently than Blacks. From the jump, I should have seen it coming.

It's never too late to keep one eye open when it comes to understanding that the path to success is to overcome the standard.

The junk food media holds Black America to a higher standard than the rest. Go down the list of athletes, entertainers, politicians and activists. They have been roundly criticized for being either "too Black" or "not Black enough".

I seen it in Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, the Obama daughters, Ben Carson, Nicki Minaj, LaBron James, Drake, Serena Williams, Trevor Noah, Lil' Wayne, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Anthony Anderson, Chris Rock, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, DeRay McKesson, Shaun King, Tim Scott, Cory Booker, Cam Newton, Michael B. Jordan, Van Jones, Steve Harvey, Michael Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Melissa Harris-Perry.

The word vomit from the concern trolls is Blacks are lazy, immoral, and dependent on the government. The Republicans and their conservative allies concluded that the Democrats are responsible for the economic poverty and dependency on government. They're immune from taking fault for their incompetence.

These narratives that Blacks are like sheep to the Democratic Party are starting to irk me. I mean if the Republican Party would take their heads out their asses, the Black support would be more than 10%.

On CNN, I heard that extremist Jeffrey Lord go into this ridiculous narrative that the Klan is bunch of leftist Democrats. I thought the right always thought that the left played the race card.

Well for one thing, he's right. The Democrats of yesterday were the conservatives back then. The Republicans were actually liberal. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican to win the presidency. His polices helped end the slavery but didn't stop discrimination and brutality towards African Americans. It took Harry Truman, a cautious Democrat and Lyndon B Johnson, the south's last president to integrate society. It was the Democratic Party that flipped the script on Black history.

If it wasn't for Johnson signing off the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts, Blacks would still be segregated from Whites. Democrats mended their old ways. Under a liberal Supreme Court, interracial marriage would be legalized. Democrats offered Native Americans the opportunity to own land and sovereignty. After World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the Democrats made good on their promise not to punish all Asian American for the acts of some. They would apologize for the callous acts of Franklin D. Roosevelt's executive orders to place Asians in interment camps.

For Pete's sake, the Democratic Party has nominated and the American people elected Barack Obama, the first African American to be the President of the United States, twice.

And yet, Donald Trump had called for President Barack Obama's birth certificate. And perennial loser Mitt Romney asked for his endorsement.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson claim that the Republican Party is the true party of racial equality. Yet, they look the other way when the Republicans pass restrictions on voting rights, a woman's right to chose, a loving same sex couple's right to marry and a parent's right to sue gun manufactures after a terrorist murders their loved ones with firearms.

They play concern trolls when Blacks are killing each other. They want to take away firearms from Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. The Republicans have reacted to Blacks killing one another as a fault of Barack Obama's and not the shooters. They don't care about unregistered firearms being sold to the criminals and terrorists.

When Black America express concerns about police brutality, the conservative automatically assume that Blacks are threatening violence on police officers. Black America has real issues to deal with.

Unemployment, class warfare, gun crimes and drugs being sold into our communities has been an issue mentioned by the Democrats. But not enough issues mentioned by the Democrats.

This silly narrative that Donald Trump could pull 30% of the Black vote is highly unlikely. I mean just look how Trump threw out Black students in Alabama. Or how about Trump telling his supporters to push a Black woman out of a rally. Some of those supporters were White extremists.

Trevor Noah addresses it.

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