Monday, March 28, 2016

The Law Catches Cold Blooded Killer Who Bucked Friend!

Cold blooded killer murders his friend in Dayton, Ohio. May face a the gas house if they charge him with capital murder.

In the rust belt city of Dayton, Ohio, the law says that Easter weekend was probably the most violent of the month. There were numerous shootings in the community. My hometown is facing some real issues with gun violence. Of course, the Congress won't do a damn thing about it.

There was shooting in the Westwood neighborhood. A man was shot in the chest and tried to flee. He would end up crashing into a pole on route to a hospital. The victim Gary Tisdale was pronounced dead on the scene.

Gary Tisdale was murdered by a cold blooded killer.
His former friend Michael Martin was booked in the Montgomery County lockup on charges of felonious assault, carrying concealed weapons, and having weapons under disability (as a felon),

This happened near the busy intersection of James H. McGee Boulevard and West Third Street.

The passengers managed to escape gunfire but were really ecstatic about this.

The killer may had an argument with the victim.

Dayton police presser Lt. Bill Keller said this act was senseless.

"There was a dispute some blocks over - and one guy shot the other guy in the chest. He drove away in his car with a couple passengers and due to his injuries, he crashed. At this point he has passed."

So far there probably over 2,000 shootings this month alone. It's unfortunate that we have these issues in the United States. We're leading the way in violence.


Martin is innocent until proven guilty. Based on being a felon with a firearm, a murder charge could put this killer in the gas house. LIFE in the iron college may be the only way out of the gas house. He's already assured the that option if he's found guilty of the charges.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Gary Tisdale.

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