Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Terrorist Shoots Up Campaign Office Of Black Candidate Running For Sheriff!

Terrorist shot at campaign office of a Black candidate running for sheriff.

Not a peep from the conservatives agitators. But if this terrorist was a Black person, you would have heard the Fox crew and AM agitators debate whether #BlackLivesMatter or President Barack Obama are responsible for the acts of this person.

The Huffington Post has report that a Black candidate running for sheriff in Texas got her campaign office shot up by this terrorist who claims he was on his "medication".

Zena Stephens, a candidate running for sheriff of Jefferson County was the intended target.

The terrorist Adam Carver claimed that these "fucking NIGGERS" were ruining his community and he didn't want another one in charge of his town.

The terrorist "shot towards a female that was in the parking lot," according to the Beaumont police. No one was hurt.
Zena Stephens addressing the media.
Beaumont police charged this terrorist with deadly conduct for discharging a firearm and are reviewing his mental health, jail records show. "He's under medical supervision," said a jail official who did not give his name.

Stephens, who was seeking the Democratic nomination for Jefferson County sheriff in the Super Tuesday primary, called it a "senseless act of violence" in a statement. She said she planned to discuss the attack after Tuesday's votes are counted.

About 20 people were inside the office and several others stood outside for a volunteers' rally when Carver pulled up in a white Jeep with four passengers at around 7:30 p.m. Many witnesses will give statements after the primary, police said.

Police found the Cherokee, Carver and the other passengers more than two hours later. They claim that Carver confessed during questioning.

A BB-style gun and low-caliber rifle turned up during a police search of the jeep, NBC News reported.

The other passengers were questioned, but not charged. Detectives will continue to investigate, Beaumont police said.

The terrorist may be linked to damage inflicted on other businesses, vehicles and signage, the Port Arthur News reported.

Now before he gets transferred to the county lockup, the terrorist will be evaluated by the doctors to see if he's competent to stand trial. The criminal damaging could carry five in the iron college. The firing of the weapon and making terrorist threats could carry 15 in the iron college.

This terrorist is innocent until proven guilty.

Now will someone please address this senseless act of violence to The Drudge Report, Colin Flaherty and Bill Cunningham?

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