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Terrorist Aims At Ohio School! The Law Stops Him!

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Terrorist shoots up high school. The law stops him.

Yesterday, another mass shooting happened in Ohio. The Butler County sheriff and the FBI are investigating the motive of a teen who prompted a terrorist attack on his fellow high school students.

The terrorist is a 14 year old who probably was bullied by the people he probably was aiming at.

The shooting at Madison High School outside of Middletown was the scene of a shooting.

James Hancock was the shooter. He had injured four. The victims were Cameron Smith and Cooper Caffrey. The two who have ancillary wounds are Brant Murray and Katherine Doucette.

The victims will survive their injuries. They will have life-altering experiences after this ordeal.

The terrorist struck at 11:15 am during a lunch break. The terrorist managed to sneak the firearm inside the school. He struck when the students were at their most vulnerable. Some students said he smirks at his victims when he popped off.

The terrorist would ditch the firearm and take off into the woods. Within a few minutes the sheriff would use the dogs to draw him out.
Madison Junior/Senior High School will be closed for the remaining week for investigations. The FBI and Ohio lawmen are trying to determine why this terrorist committed this attack.
Now the terrorist is held in juvie on attempted murder, making terrorist threats and aggravated assault. He may end up in the county lockup if they decide to charge him as an adult.

These charges alone could carry LIFE in the iron college. Hancock is innocent until proven guilty.

The junk food media is saying that the terrorist had a decent life. The "NICE GUY" with a gun was a standout wrestler and whatever. I don't care what the terrorists history. I care about the lives he disturbed.

World News Today send our prayers to those affected by this tragedy. Although prayers won't wish this stuff away. Ohio lawmakers and Congress are the keys to stopping these senseless tragedies.

The Blame Game is once again. I have a poll for you to vote on.

The Ohio high school shooting. Who deserves the blame for this tragedy?
Barack Obama
The Shooter
None Of These Above
Do Quizzes

If you picked the shooter, you're absolutely correct. But if you picked something other than that, you're entitled to your opinion, but it's wrong.

Republicans are so inept. They'll never figure it out. They continue to push these gun laws that loosen regulations. Congress can't even pass a national background check law. They're scared of the impact by "actual guns" being pointed at them.
Residents gather for prayer and sympathies.
Heavy said that the terrorist's family were Republicans and life members to the NRA. So that should eliminate the accusations of being a liberal Obama supporter. You usually hear alot of that stuff from kookspiracy websites like InfoWars, Breitbart and Jim Hoft (the Gateway Pundit).

But let's not worry about that stuff. I don't care about the politics or associations of the terrorist.

Republican sheriff Richard K. Jones will have to take his mind off profiling Blacks, Muslims and immigrants. He has to worry about those guys who stockpile firearms in the preparation of a "political correctness" war.

It seems like his let everyone have guns in public was a misfire. I mean he's a staunch supporter of the NRA and is  a round 'em up person. He would make criminals wear pink while doing work duty.

This also happened in racial agitator Bill Cunningham's backyard. Cunningham lives in West Chester. The agitator is a syndicated talk show host on The CW and radio agitator on WLW 700 AM.

The Cincinnati conservative agitator was on a bitch rant about the terrorist who killed a rookie cop. He was pointing to the terrorist race in an attempt to blame President Barack Obama and #BlackLivesMatter for the attack.

Wondering if Colin Flaherty will focus on White on everyone violence? Nope. He's not even covering this. He's too busy pimping out the other tragedies such as pastor shooting up the road in Dayton, the Virginia cop shooting, and the Kansas terrorist attack. Flaherty, a white extremist who gets attention on media outlets is so obsessed with Black mob violence and the like? But not one peep about the violence caused by White people.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Ohio's goober John Kasich have to explain why gun violence is a part of the daily routine.

Goober Kasich, President Barack Obama, Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) were notified of the situation.

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