Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Slain Maryland Cop Killed By His Own!

The cops mistaken this cop for a thug! This Jacai Colson, a Prince George's County police officer killed by "friendly fire".

It's already posted on social media and the #AllLivesMatter bigots already assumed the suspects were responsible for the fatal shooting of Jacai Colson, a four year veteran of the Prince George's County police department.

Well I will admit I was wrong. The shooting was an unfortunate act of mistaken identity and I'm not buying that "friendly fire" excuse.

Although the suspects were indicted on the murder of law enforcement, the officer who fired the weapon may face charges too.

Four officers will face the freezer for firing the weapons. The one who pulled the fatal blow to Jacai will face the heat.
The brothers Ford held on murder charges. 
Anyway, Reuters report that Jacai was undercover. He was in plain clothes and the officers didn't even know he was a mole. The suspect with a history of mental illness began shooting outside a police station as his two brothers videotaped the action, authorities said on Monday.

Police said the accused gunman, 22-year-old Michael Ford of Landover, Maryland, appeared ready to die. He recorded his last will and testament on a cell phone just minutes before his two brothers, 21-year-old Malik Ford and 18-year-old Elijah Ford, drove him to police headquarters.

Michael Ford suffered non-threatening gunshot wounds in the incident, police said.

Chief Hank Stawinski said at a Monday afternoon press conference that Ford, who has a history of mental illness, appears to have begun firing at random, aiming at the police building, parked cars and an ambulance.

Colson fired back almost immediately and ended up drawing fire, giving other officers a chance to get into position, Stawinski said. Preliminary evidence showed he was hit by another officer's bullet.

"He demonstrated extreme heroism," the chief said.

At least one of the brothers stood nearby and recorded the gunfight on his phone, police said.

The Ford brothers are innocent until proven guilty.

Of course, since the victim was Black police officer and the alleged shooters (or uninteded accomplices) were Black, expect concern racist Colin Flaherty to make the case for Black on whatever violence.

A plainclothes officer who happens to be Black was gunned down because he did his job.

The concern racist Flaherty operates a website called...... and its devoted to making the case that Black people are causing criminal acts and the junk food media isn't focused on it. Of course he's a huge Donald Trump supporter so I assume that he's feeding Trump the bullshit of racially-motivated violence by Black people.

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