Sunday, March 20, 2016

Insurgent Wants To Scalp The Maverick John McCain!

Insurgent wants to take down John McCain.

Sen. John McCain, the longtime Republican senator from Arizona is facing an insurgent challenge from a political nobody named Kelli Ward. The shrill Sarah Palin-like insurgent is gaining national attention. She wants to be the lawmaker who can take the Maverick down.

Ward is a former state senator who resigned half-term into her state term to run a full on challenge against McCain.

McCain one of the few political moderates in the Republican Party is facing possible defeat in the Republican primary on Tuesday. Some people was the 2008 Republican nominee. He lost in a landslide against Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election.
He's been a longtime fixture in the Senate. The conservatives had enough of him and they're backing his challenger. 
The Trump insurgent wants to take out longtime annoyance John McCain.
McCain has kind of pissed off his Republican base. He said Ted Cruz is a Wacko Bird. He said that Donald Trump's were crazy. That netted a response from Trump. Trump said that McCain is a war hero but he doesn't like the ones who were captured intentionally. 

McCain hasn't endorsed a candidate since his best buddy Sen. Lindsey Graham decided to bail out early in the presidential race. He's trying to avoid being on GOP Sundays too much. 

The Republicans and their stubbornness on Merrick Garland is also hurting the once bipartisan lawmaker. 

People are hoping that McCain could actually do something other than be a senile old fool.

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