Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bloody Oranges!


So far the race has ended beneficially for the controversial media mogul Donald J. Trump. He's won the biggest prize of Super Duper Tuesday! The wins destroys a rival who the establishment crowned their candidate.

The results are in. Ohio and Florida are the biggest prizes for the Democrats and Republicans running for president. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can seal the deal if the turnout is in their favor.

For Marco Rubio and John Kasich, it's due or die.
Donald Trump is declared the winner of the Northern Mariana Islands Caucus. The U.S. territory overwhelmingly went to Trump.

CNN projects that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump secure Florida. Major blow to Marco Rubio.

Rubio concedes the race. The junk food media says that Rubio is dropping out. A heckler mocks the senator while he's delivering his speech. The political tides have shifted. Rubio ends the presidential campaign.

The turnout for Rubio isn't in the majority of Florida. He also announced that he will not seek reelection for senate.

Donald Trump ends with a huge lead in the Sunshine State. Hillary Clinton managed to grab a hold of Florida's Hispanic and Black population in the state. Clinton healthy win has given her some motivation.

Missouri is a state that Ted Cruz put some work in. The Republican managed to tap into the bible thumpers and gun owners. There's a slight lead for the Texas senator. 

North Carolina is closing up with Trump and Clinton likely winning. We can't call the race until CNN and AP projects the results.

The AP reports that Hillary Clinton is winning North Carolina. This comes a huge blow to Bernie Sanders. Sanders campaigned hard in the Ashville, Greensboro, Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Raleigh. The Black and Hispanic vote and working class women vote went overwhelmingly to Clinton.
Ohio gives the victory!
The AP and CNN project that John Kasich wins Ohio. The first win of the inept governor. It signals that Trump and Cruz will still have Kasich in the race. Kasich gives his victory speech.

A heckler interrupted the inept governor. Trump's call to disrupt rivals is working.

The inept governor had a managed to win his state in a bitterly fought race. With Rubio out, it's a three man race. Ted Cruz wanted it to be a two man race. It's not going to be like that. Now the establishment is backing Kasich. The meddling of Mitt Romney paid off in Ohio. The state that is extremely crucial to the U.S. Presidency has given its prodigal son a victory.

Now it's going to LIKELY a brokered convention in Cleveland. Conservative agitators dismiss Kasich for being a spoiler to Cruz and Trump. The Republican civil war is fully engaged.

The cracks are happening. Republicans fear that this moment could happen. The civil war is out in the open. If they steal the election from Trump, many voters could sit it out. If they nominate Trump, the Republicans may lose a generation of voters.

Michelle Malkin goes after Matt Drudge for posting a Ted Cruz smear. Ann Coulter slams Fox News and Cruz for being ambitious to attack Trump's supporters instead of the protesters. Mark Levin endorse Cruz for president. Ben Shapiro, editor at large/president and Michelle Fields quit Breitbart News after Joel Pollak and Stephen K. Bannon ignored the concerns of staffers being treated wrong by the Trump campaign.

Fields was manhandled by Trump's right hand man Corey Lewandowski. She announced she's pressing charges and filing a lawsuit against the campaign.

The Blaze Network is struggling after Beck's rally to stop Trump.

Failed presidential candidate Ben Carson admits that he's still bitter about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz ruining his bid. He admits that he didn't support Trump. He said that Trump promised a position in his administration if he won.

AP and CNN calls the state of Ohio for Hillary Clinton. The former secretary of state wins handily.
It's going to be harder for them to win!
Clinton's motivation in Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo and Columbus helped her. Clinton's win make her the clear frontrunner in this race.

Clinton comes out proud securing three major states that she was struggling to win. Florida, North Carolina and Ohio went for her in a huge turnout. Now Clinton's delegate lead has increased.

She gives her victory speech thanking Sanders. The Clinton campaign asks for voters to support her in order to stop Trump and Cruz from winning the election. Clinton knocks on Trump for his extremist rhetoric and hammers Republicans for flexing the only muscle they got, their goddamn tongues.

CNN and AP reports that Donald Trump wins the state of Illinois. The huge victory knocks John Kasich's Ohio victory down slightly. Ted Cruz was hoping to upset Trump.

Trump will acknowledge Cruz's dismal results. He will also go after Kasich and Rubio.

Failed presidential candidate Marco Rubio hasn't endorsed any candidate for president.

Bernie Sanders gains traction in Missouri. The Vermont senator could have a victory since Michigan.

The Michigan race was a big shakeup for Hillary Clinton.

CNN and AP reports that Donald Trump wins the state of North Carolina. The victory stops Ted Cruz's win in most of the Deep South.

Trump's victory speech.

Kasich's victory speech.

CNN and AP projects that Hillary Clinton won the state of Illinois. Missouri is close to call, it seems like Bernie Sanders may eek out a victory in the state.

It's told that conservative leaders will secretly meet in Washington, DC to decide on what they're going to do about Donald Trump. They have thoughts of running an insurgent to take on Trump.

It's confirmed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won the state of Missouri. Bernie Sanders will not engage in a recount. It comes a blow the Sanders campaign. Ted Cruz also will face a tougher road to victory.

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