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Playa's Cruz!

Ted Cruz posing with Katrina Pierson, a Black Republican activist. There are allegations of Cruz having an affair with her and numerous other women.

Let's get the minor stuff out of way. 

Donald Trump's odds at winning the Republican nomination is 85%. 

Chances at being the U.S. President is now sitting at 43%. 

Hillary Clinton chances at nomination is 92%. 

Chances at being the U.S. president is now sitting at 51%. 

What a person does in the bedroom is none of our business. But since we live in a country where this stuff is gold for ratings and click bait, it's a part of the daily grind. Here's my take on it. 

Who gives a crap about what someone's love life. If the person is accused or confirmed of cheating on their spouse, then that's between the person and his loved one. 

It's nothing new. The tabloids want to get into the personal business of a presidential candidate. 

It is a part of the junk food media culture to humiliate human nature. I understand that people have feelings. Love and lust are a part of the sexual induced culture that creates iconic figures like Kim Kardashian. 

Yesterday, the National Enquirer reported that the Texas senator had numerous affairs with staffers, agitators in the junk food media, a hooker and a schoolteacher. Some of the mistresses were notable for being in the junk food media defending Cruz from Donald Trump.

Notable names include Katrina Pierson, the failed Black Republican congressional candidate who became an activist for Tea Party Patriots. She was a Trump supporter before a Cruz supporter and defender.

Amanda Carpenter is a writer for Conservative Review and agitator on CNN. Sarah Isgur Flores is a Republican strategist for then failed presidential candidate Carly Fiorina's campaign were alleged mistresses.

Pierson and Flores aren't married. Carpenter is married. 

All the women accused have denied the allegations. Cruz went to the junk food media to slam the National Enquirer and Trump for spreading the false and vile nonsense.

The hashtag #CruzSexScandal is trending and it's got the nation talking. 
Amanda Carpenter, Katrina Pierson and Sarah Isgur Flores were alleged mistresses.
Matter of fact, if the allegations are true, it could damage Ted Cruz's campaign.

Ted Cruz will fall from grace like Joe McCarthy. Cruz's star power with conservatives will diminish.

And it could affect his marriage and open the door to Federal Election Commission investigations of alleged misuse of campaign money. Cruz's SuperPac agreed to pay off failed presidential candidate Carly Fiorina's campaign $500,000. Some call it "hush money". 

When conservatives were obsessing over allegations of cheating from 42, they singled him out for being a hound dog. They attack Hillary Clinton for standing by her husband despite Monica Lewinsky. To this day, some agitators (i.e. that annoying agitator Sean Hannity) will rehash the Clinton sex scandals to try to make the issue about Hillary Clinton's trust with the nation.

Now we know that Donald Trump is cheater himself. But no one seems to care about that. Trump is the frontrunner in the Republican race for the nomination and he is fighting dirty to win. He's tapped into what Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan's base of Americans.

Republicans are scrambling for a way to stop him before he clinch the nomination. The controversial business and media mogul has warned the Republicans Ted Cruz and John Kasich that "time's up". 

The dirty season begins.

If it's confirmed that Ted Cruz had numerous sexual affairs, will it damage his presidential campaign?

Oh yeah! It's over for Ted Cruz. He can't recover from this if these allegations are true.
Nope. This is tabloid speculation. There's no proof of alleged cheating by Ted Cruz.
Who cares! Whether he cheated or not, it's none of our business to go into his personal love life. That's between him and Heidi Cruz.
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Here's a video of a Washington Times reporter Adriana Cohen flat out going there with conservative agitator Amanda Carpenter. It caught CNN host Kate Bolduan by surprise. 

Matter of fact. Here's something that should sum up my opinion on the Cruz sex scandal.

Watch the video at your discretion. 

David Pakman gives his take on this.

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