Thursday, March 03, 2016

Four Sores And Eight Months To Go!

Another debate. When will it be over?

I'll be listening to the Republican debate on radio tonight. I'm going to be working tonight and I won't have an opportunity to watch this train wreck.

The Fox Theater in Detroit will be the host of the debate. Many donors, political agitator, Republican insiders and their families will be in attendance. Governor Rick Snyder is likely going to be there.

There were only 60 tickets admitted to the debate for the actual viewers of this.

It's expected that Donald Trump will be in attendance at the Fox News debate. The feud between Trump and Megyn Kelly (aka the Outrage Princess) is going to be front and center. Matter of fact, the feuds between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will be on display as well. After the CNN debate, many Republicans and media analysis have concluded that the debate is doomed

Trump will certainly bring up his successful victories on Super Tuesday. Cruz will bring up the fact that from this point most of the primaries and caucuses are closed and Democrats can't crossover.

Cruz is pissed at Chris Wallace after his contentious GOP Sundays appearance. When Wallace called the candidate out on his lies, Cruz smacked back. Cruz claimed that the right wing network is in the tank for liberals and Trump.

Trump's surrogates will bring up the birther issue if Cruz starts winning states. It's already being played by White extremists like Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Jeffrey Lord. They've denounced Cruz for being a liar and desperate.

Marco Rubio has found himself friendless with the right wing network. According to sources, Roger Ailes pulled the plug on his campaign. After only winning the Minnesota Caucus on Super Tuesday, the hopes for Rubio to become the nominee have diminished. Rubio staffers called Sean Hannity, an asshole and a pussy.

I strongly agree with Rubio's staffers. Hannity is by far the most annoying conservative agitator on television and radio. He is a train wreck in a business suit. He's repetitive, ignorant and outright stupid. His show is bad. He's bad. I believe he will cost Republicans another election. He will eventually be fired out the cannon from that network.

He vows to stay in the race despite the chances being extremely challenging for him and John Kasich.

Kasich has spent a majority of time in this state and Ohio. Kaisch hopes he can win in Kansas, Michigan and Ohio. Trump is leading in most polls and it's a very difficult road for Kasich. If  he loses his own state of Ohio, he's going to bow out.

He's running out of money and out of time.

Now that Ben Carson dropped out the race, this debate will be extremely contentious.

Carson was hoping to meet with the other candidates to negotiate how the questions were going to be handled.

The candidates ignored his calls.

I am getting this feeling that Trump and Cruz are going to acknowledge these debates are worthless.

Mitt Romney decided to meddle in this. He came out against Trump today and it's likely going to be a debate question thrown at Trump. Of course, this attack might help Trump secure more voters.

I've heard that old fart Rush Limbaugh will be on GOP Sundays to analysis the debate.

Anyway, I got a poll for you. Who's going to answer the poll?

Who won this debate?
Donald Trump
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
John Kasich
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