Monday, March 14, 2016

Conservative Outrage Over Malia And Sasha Dressing Nice!

When President Barack Obama invited the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau to the White House for a state dinner, the Obama daughters were there. They had their first experience at a gala such as a state dinner.

They were lovely teenage girls becoming beautiful women. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama should be very proud of these two.

It seems like Donald Trump's biggest supporter decided that no one is spared. Not even Obama's children. It's duly respected that politicians and pundits stay away from the children. I guess the rules were thrown out the window when Trump complained that political correctness makes America look "weak."

So I happen to click on the link and it directs me to the story published by Yahoo! Style about the president's daughters. The president gave an emotion salute to his daughters.
The dresses that the Obama family wore drove conservatives nuts!
The Obama family will hang around for awhile. Until Sasha graduates from high school, they'll stay in Washington, DC. Malia will be heading to Brown University in the fall.

But what drew attention was the price of the dresses they wore.

Okay, here we go......cue the conservative outrage!

For one thing, Lauren Tuck consider the price of the Obamas dresses, "politics". What does Malia and Sasha Obama have to do with politics?

Besides the trolls who came from underneath the bandwidth bridge, here's a San Francisco news agitator who decided to throw her two cents into the conversation.

Kristen Sze went to social media to question the decision to have the Obama girls wearing such expensive dresses.

That invited a slew of social media assholes who complained that the Obamas were acting like "ROYALS" spending on the taxpayer's dime.

Of course, you'll hear the racial slur tossed around somewhere.

The girls wore Naeem Khan pieces, with Malia sporting one from 2015’s pre-fall collection and Sasha choosing a more recent dress from Khan’s resort 2016 collection. Whether they purchased or borrowed the dresses — which did the job of getting Khan in the news regardless — is unknown. What is known is that people have reacted negatively to learning the retail prices of the dresses.

Last time, conservatives complained about the president being cheap. They went bonkers over the fact that the president gave Queen Elizabeth II, an iPod.

So here's a poll for you.

Should the junk food media lay off Malia and Sasha Obama?

Yeah. Malia And Sasha Are Not Running For Office!
Freedom Of Speech. Who Invented A Rule Saying We Can't Criticize?
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Here's  the videoes courtesy of the White House.

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