Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Amigos Debate!

Another debate for the Dems.

Well CNN takes the debates to Miami for the Democrats and Republicans. The candidates will duke it out once again on the stage about the issues. Of course, offer their platitudes.

CNN partners up with Univision and The Washington Post to host the debate.

Tonight, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) have another debate.

In the state of Florida, the Hispanic population is growing and many constituents are first time voters.

The Democrats and Republicans are fighting for the winner-takes-all states such as Florida and Ohio.
Another chance for the Democrats to duke it out.
These crucial swing states could determine who wins the presidency.

Fresh off Sanders's surprising win in the Michigan primaries, the senator is planning on going hard against Clinton. Clinton the current front runner has a huge delegate lead. But these setbacks kind of make it harder for Democrats to rally around her. Clinton won Mississippi in a landslide. But she lost Michigan by a squeaker. Sanders trailing by double digits and managed to beat Clinton handily.

Clinton is desperately trying to conclude this. Sanders isn't going to allow it.

Sanders has won the young voters and on the trustworthiness. Clinton took a nosedive and it's hurting her with the Democrats who are straggling on the fence between sitting it out or supporting the insurgent Donald Trump.

Let's go ahead and get this poll together.

Who Won This Debate?
Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton
I'm Voting For The Republican!
I'm Sitting This One Out!
Do Quizzes

Also if you can watch the debate live, here's you live stream.

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