Saturday, March 26, 2016

911 Caller In John Crawford Shooting Facing Heat!

John Crawford is dead. Sean Williams is facing a cannon firing. But what about the 911 caller? Ronald Ritchie moved out of the area and went into hiding. Protesters with #BlackLivesMatter hope to bring him out of hiding to face criminal charges.

We haven't forgotten about the shooting in Beavercreek, Ohio. We haven't forgotten about Officer Sean Williams killing John Crawford III, a Black man without warning. Williams the officer who was dispatched to a Dayton area Walmart believed that John was carrying a firearm. The officer and his partner Dave Darkow were called to the store on a false 911.

John Crawford was shopping in Walmart and managed to pick up an open air rifle. While he was walking through the store, he was on the phone with the mother of his children.

Ronald Ritchie, a White shopper was nearby. He saw John on the phone with the air rifle. In his mind, he believed that John was being rude on the phone. So he concocted this story about John loading a firearm and was pointing it at shoppers. He called 911 and told them that story and it brought the Beavercreek Police out within one minute.

As John was talking on the phone, the officers creeped up near the pet supplies aisle. John was still on the phone when the officers claimed they gave him verbal disengagement warnings. That didn't happen so Williams fired.

Ritchie went into hiding after the John Crawford shooting.
According to John's ex-girlfriend, she heard screams on the phone and the words, "It's not real!" before another shot was fired.

As the officers approached John on the ground, they arrested him. He was bleeding badly. So they call for an ambulance and take the injured to the hospital. John would die of his injuries.

The panic of gunfire had gotten to a shopper. Angela Williams was near the event. She would have a heart attack in front of her children. She was taken to the hospital and died a heart attack.

Ritchie, the only person on the phone who called 911 was grilled intensely. He said that John deserved it because he caused the panic. When the Beavercreek Police and FBI shown the video, he changed his tune.

The junk food media pressed for the video's release. Ohio's Attorney General Mike DeWine refused to publish it citing potential backlash.

An Ohio grand jury would find the officers not liable in the death of John.

Despite Ohio being an "open carry" state, John's action according to the grand jury were merit for police response. The grand jury decided that even if they saw John on the phone, not pointing the air rifle at customers, and standing away from officers, his death was justified.
John Crawford death brought a lot of attention to Tasha Thomas. Thomas was grilled intensively by Beavercreek cops. She was threatened with jail time for something her boyfriend didn't do. Thomas's would die a few months later in a fatal car accident.
Sean Williams is facing a potential cannon firing after this. He may have lied on his statements. He is currently doing desk work while he's under federal watch for reckless calls past and present.

John's family field a wrongful death lawsuit against Beavercreek, Walmart and DeWine. The girlfriend that John was dating at the time was Tasha Thomas. Her family was suing Beavercreek for unlawful restraint.

Tasha and her new boyfriend were killed in a tragic car accident.

Ritchie managed to skirt the junk food media. He would eventually move out of Dayton and is living out of state. Ritchie is hoping that his new neighbors never heard of him and his role in the shooting.

Protesters head over to Fairborn Municipal Court to file wrongful death complaints against Ritchie.

They hope the judge would hear the case and force Ritchie to return to Ohio to face criminal charges.

Ritchie shut down his social media and has not spoken to the junk food media since the protesters petition.

Me and S. Baldwin haven't forgotten about John Crawford. He was killed by the Ohio laws that were supposed to protect his right to carry a firearm in public without fear of arrest. If he was a White guy carrying an actual firearm, they would have waited until he would have fired on people before they would take action.

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