Saturday, February 27, 2016

Woman Charged By The Feds For Giving Arms To The Hesston Terrorist!

Someone's going to face charges. The ex-girlfriend of the Hesston terrorist is being served with aiding criminal with firearms. The terrorist was killed after he managed to kill three and injure twenty.

The ex-girlfriend of the Hesston terrorist is being served with federal indictment charges. She knowingly gave firearms to a convicted felon. Meaning that could put this woman in the federal time out for up to 10 years.

It seems like Cedric Ford, 38 had a strawman buy his firearms. The 28 year old woman who is the mother of this terrorist's children will face a judge in the coming days.

Sarah Hopkins was served on Friday the charge after she admitted that she gave the terrorist the AK 47 and Glock .40 caliber. She was the person who gave him the restraining order papers.
Josh Higbee, Brian Sadowsky, and Renee Benjamin lost their lives to a cold hearted terrorist.
Hopkins has two children with the terrorist. The feds went to the woman's home to sweep for possible explosives and the motive.

On Thursday, the terrorist was served with a restraining order. He flipped out and drove near his home in Newton. He decided to grab his firearms and try to carjack a woman nearby. He aimed the firearm at point blank range and managed to pop a round into the woman's car. It turns out to barely missed the woman.

The terrorist decided to car jack another person. He aimed his firearm at this guy. He shot him and threw him out the car.

And then the terrorist would return to his job at Excel Manufacturing to let his ex-bosses and co-workers have it.

The victims were named Friday. Renee Benjamin, 30, Brian Sadowsky, 44 and Josh Higbee, 31.

They were killed upon impact.

The law managed to put down this terrorist. The law is trying to determine what triggered him to commit this horrible act.

World News Today send our condolences to the families of Josh, Brian and Renee. They're lives taken away without any circumstances.

Hopkins is innocent until proven guilty. She will face a judge as soon as federal and state charges are released to the junk food media.

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