Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trump Won The Nevada Caucus! Civil War Looming Between Republicans!

It may be too late for the Republicans to stop him.

Another huge victory for Donald Trump, the controversial business/media mogul.

The insurgent won with 43% of the vote with another statistical tie and major defeat for Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

The frontrunner Donald Trump is projected to win the state with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz trailing from behind. Another big victory for Trump shrinks the chances for Rubio and Cruz.

Matter of fact, it eliminates Ben Carson and John Kasich out too.

Rubio is becoming the establishment's last chance at winning. Rubio polls better against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The establishment are hoping that a Republican Party united could stomp out Trump and Cruz. The insurgency is vowing to oppose any candidate that sold their souls to liberalism.

The pro-Trump websites such as the conservative Craigslist has the siren blazing again!

*TRUMP 43% CRUZ ___% RUBIO ___%

The party is gearing up for a brokered convention.

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