Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump Got The Bigots Pouring Into His Campaign!

Pro-confederate lawmaker Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) endorses Donald Trump. Sessions's endorsement is a blow to the Ted Cruz campaign.

Just when you thought David Duke was a horrible endorsement.

Here comes two Republicans who have a notorious history of supporting White extremism. Matter of fact, the Ted Cruz presidential campaign was hoping for these endorsements. But it turns out to be a "HUGE" endorsement for the media mogul.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Maine governor Paul LePage have both came out and endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Sessions has a staunch opposition towards immigration. He ended up making this endorsement today and it stings. Especially against Ted Cruz, his fellow senator who once was the darling of the insurgency. The insurgency is not into Cruz and Sessions's endorsement of Trump is blow to the campaign. Session is pro-confederate and is a leading advocate towards stripping the safety net from the poor.

LePage is pretty much another bigot for the record. This year he attributed the rising deaths to heroin to Black criminals immigrating to his state with the boy.

These endorsements are a sign of how the Trump campaign is destroying the party. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are trying to reach out to minority voters. Trump is reaching out to disgruntled White people who were disappointed with Republicans inept offensive against President Barack Obama.

Matter of fact, Trump has tapped into the extremist wing of the party. The party that advocates the notion that "black mob violence" exists. That immigrants are "criminals", "dope pushers" and having "anchor babies" by the boatload.

On GOP Sundays, Trump won't disavow the endorsement from Duke.

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