Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tennessee Lawman Blames Queen Bey For Police Violence!

Republican sheriff said his home got shot up. He said that Beyonce sent thugs after him.

Really, you want to blame an entertainer for the acts of a criminal! I mean for her to express her opinion about police brutality is equal to a criminal act upon the men and women of law enforcement.



Besides that coon cop Sheriff David Clarke, there's some in law enforcement blaming Beyonce for the acts of criminals.

Rutherford County, Tennessee, Sheriff Robert Arnold, the Republican elected lawman had his home shot at in Murfeesboro. Arnold cites Beyonce as the reason for his home being shot at and not the people he's spurned.

"You do make people mad when you do do your job," he said. "Once I kind of figured everything out, with everything that's happened since the Super Bowl - since law enforcement as a whole, where we've lost five deputy sheriffs since the Super Bowl. You know, Beyonce's video - and that's sort of bled over into other things, it seems like, within law enforcement."

Arnold is under federal watch for taking kickbacks and misuse of funds. Also his department is facing lawsuits out the ass.

I mean he's facing a criminal probe for the brutal beating of a man his officers beat senseless in the county lockup. The family of Robert Lee Johnson who was in lockup for a few months was beaten so badly, he was left terminally brain dead.
Don't blame Beyonce for the actions of a criminal.
In 2015, Arnold fired out the cannon his sidekick Virgil Gammon. The reason to his cannon firing, was his political views. Also a detective named Jim Tramel won an unlawful termination lawsuit against the sheriff for his cannon firing.

Could that be a motivated revenge plot?

Should they blame Beyonce for the actions of White extremists such as Cliven Bundy?

How about Jared and Amanda Miller? These two White extremists murdered cops. It's Beyonce's fault.

You want to disturb the "BeyHive" with these ridiculous accusations! Go right ahead. I mean it's going to hurt you more than it hurts Beyonce.

Let's take a look at the social media response.

If you ask me, I believe he may have staged the event! Because they can't determine who's the shooter and most people wouldn't know where the sheriff lives!

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