Friday, February 26, 2016

Marco Rubio Forgot The President Is Black! By The Way He's A Democrat!

Rubio says that he, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson being on stage is a sign of diversity. He said that being endorsed by Nikki Haley and Tim Scott shows the Republicans are the party of diversity.

One thing I managed to catch at the Republican debate is the comments by Marco Rubio. He said that the Republican Party is the most diverse party because they have two Hispanic lawmakers and a Black neurosurgeon on stage.

Given the possibility the party may nominate another old White guy, Rubio desperately played the race card at the CNN debate.

Republicans are struggling to win Hispanics and Black voters. Despite the Republican candidate's bold claims about the party being the most diverse, the party is also too damn conservative and too damn White.

Rubio, Cruz and Ben Carson make up about 10% of the Republican Party's diversity. The party is 90% WHITE and 10% EVERYTHING else.

The Republican Party is White like cocaine. They may have minorities in the party, but the policies and their rhetoric isn't diverse. It's pretty damn condescending and outright bigoted.

Donald Trump's rise could bring Blacks and Hispanics voters into the fold. Some are tempted to vote for the controversial media mogul.

I see Donald Trump as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He will bankroll on his celebrity status to win. His bombastic and witty charm woos conservatives and some Democrats.

Given the possibility of Trump winning the election is strong. I don't want to believe it, but it could happen if you don't help the Democrat win. Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders aren't strong contenders and it's going to be a bumpy road for the Democrats. Given Obama fatigue and an inspired Republican voter base, the Democrats got to win back voters.

It's likely a Democrat could beat the Republican nominee. But given the circumstances, it's going to be a TOSS UP.

Trump has tapped into the populist rage that fuels the anti-government resentment towards lawmakers.

John Kasich, Marco Rubio and even Ted Cruz are considered establishment. Cruz calls himself the best choice to take on Washington. But he's been in Washington for two years and haven't really accomplish much since. He's been more of a talker and not a doer. That's hurting him in the race.

Rubio is also the same. Rubio won on the wave of insurgency. He and Rand Paul were elected in 2010 and they been in the senate for most of their term doing absolutely nothing. Even the compromise to immigration reform that was sponsored by Rubio was voted down by him.

When it comes to diversity the Republican Party has a long way to go before it can truly be a diverse party.

Remember the Democratic Party nominated and the American people elected twice the first Black president.

The first Black U.S. Supreme Court justice was picked by a Democrat.

The first Hispanic woman to serve as a U.S. Supreme court justice was picked by a Democratic president who happens to be Black. The first Black man and woman were nominated and confirmed as the Attorney General of the United States.

The first woman as the Speaker of the House is a woman.

The current front runner in the race is a woman. Her opponent is the first Jewish candidate to run.

The Democratic Party's chairperson is a lawmaker who is a woman.

Under a Democratic President who happens to be Black, marriage equality is legal in the United States.

Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz as well as Donald Trump and John Kasich aren't friends of the Black and Hispanic communities. They're a bunch of myopic dicks.

Shout out to comedian/talk radio host John Fugelsang for also catching the Rubio-Bot self-destruct!

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