Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Conservatives Bark More Than Hillary's Bite!

In Nevada, Hillary Clinton mocks Republicans by barking like a dog. It became a meme. 

Republicans fear Hillary Clinton more than Bernie Sanders. For the time being, they're focus solely on her. They seriously believe that if they can weaken her with Benghazi, her emails, the competitive race against Sanders, Bill Clinton's confirmed and alleged affairs, they could seize the White House.

Republicans are still infighting over the potential threat of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz becoming the nominee. The Republicans hate Obama more than Clinton and more than Trump or Cruz.

A woman who is principled, Clinton isn't afraid of Sanders or the Republicans and their allies in the conservative media. She knew the moment she would announce her bid for president, they would throw the kitchen sink and garage at her.

But some of the stuff is beginning to stick. Clinton's inability to inspire Democrats could pose a problem.

Conservatives are attacking Hillary Clinton after she made a comment about how Republicans obsess with her.

She would also mock them by barking!

Conservatives are now rolling out more concern trolling and mocking of the bark.
Clinton gave the Republicans a new talking point.
The unexpected moment occurred while Clinton was telling a story about fact-checking Republicans, whom she accused of twisting the truth about the Great Recession. Clinton explained that it reminded her of an old radio ad she liked in Arkansas where a dog would bark every time a candidate said something that wasn’t true.

“The dog was barking on the radio and so people were barking at each other for days after that,” Clinton said. "I want to figure out how we can do that with Republicans.”

Clinton went on to say that she wished every time Republicans said things like, "'Oh, the Great Recession was caused by too much regulation,'" she had a dog to bark at them.

And that's when the dog impression occurred.

"Arh, arh, arh, arh!" she said in a high-pitched tone. "You know?"

She added: "I think we could cut right through a lot of their claims."

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