Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blame Game: Kalamazoo Terrorist!

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You know what irks me most!


Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are ignorant. I am extremely disturbed by the rhetoric of those who support these candidates in the Republican race. I am expected to be bothered by the supporters who seriously believe that "gun violence" is just something that happens in Black neighborhoods and Muslim terrorist.

I am disturbed by the shooting in Kalamazoo by a 45-year old terrorist who happens to be some White guy who was the alleged "NICE GUY".

The suspect is in county lockup on capital murder. He is innocent until proven guilty. I know the name of the terrorist. It's Jason Dalton, a White guy from Kalamazoo.

The terrorist killed seven people before he was taken into custody without a single shot fired.

What makes me mad is the fact that the San Bernardino shooters were "terrorists" and the Kalamazoo shooter is "_________". 

In the last post, I seen who actually deserves the "blame" for the shooting. 

A conservative troll would place the fault of this terrorist on Barack Obama. 

I am not too worried about the concern troll. I am more concerned that these mass shootings will keep happening and Congress will not do anything to stop them.

The inept actions of Congress will continue to allow mentally disturbed or rational minded terrorists obtain firearms and disturb the lives of innocent Americans.

The person who deserves most of the blame is the shooter. But if things could happen today, I would damn sure hope we get elected leaders who will do something to stop gun violence.

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