Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Army Sergeant Shot The Officer On Her First Day!

U.S. Army sergeant kills a first year officer on her first night.

Now as another tragic gun shooting happened in Virginia. This one involved an Army staff sergeant assigned to the Pentagon. The terrorist murdered his wife and an officer who worked for the Prince William County police department.

The terrorist named Ronald Williams Hamilton murdered his wife Crystal and then went into combat mode and aimed at three officers. One officer who was hit was Ashley Guindon, a first year rookie. Ashley was a Marine combat veteran who started as an intern for the police department.

Matter of fact, she was sworn to duty a few days ago. This was the officer's first shift on Saturday night.
The terrorist killed his wife Crystal Hamilton and a Virginia officer.
The Associated Press and Washington Post report that the terrorist is suspected of killing his wife and the officer in his home in Woodbridge, a city about 25 miles from Washington, DC.

He faces capital murder and this charge alone in Virginia carries the PILL KILL (DEATH SENTENCE). Matter of fact, he will automatically face a court martial. The terrorist is innocent until proven guilty.

"We ask for everyone's thoughts and prayers as our department deals with this tragic loss," the Prince Williams County police department released to the press.

The other officers were injured were Jesse Hempen and David McKeown. They were treated for their injuries and will survive the shooting.

Of course, the problem that is missing from the equation is the fact that this terrorist had mental issues or was the "NICE GUY" with a gun.

Terrorist held on capital murder of an officer and his wife.
A domestic dispute lead to the police encounter. The suspect prepared for their arrival. He used his military training and quickly took to action when the officers approached his door.

He shot that officer at a pointed angle where it hit her in the neck. That injury alone killed her upon impact.

Of course, since the victims were White and the suspect was Black, here comes the goddamn blame game.

Who deserves the blame in the death of a Virginia police officer?

Barack Obama
The Shooter
None Of These Above
Poll Maker

Right now, that racial extremist Bill Cunningham is making light of controversies in Kansas, Ohio, and Virginia. Instead of blaming the shooter, the racial extremists would fault the president and #BlackLivesMatter for the shooting. Cunningham and other racial extremists would deliberately make the race of the suspect an issue.

Cunningham is a notorious race baiter who has a radio program in Cincinnati. He also has a syndicated talk show on many CW stations. He's rewarded for spewing hate.

The conservatives are now hyping up Black on Whatever violence. The incidents in Kansas, Ohio, and now Virginia have gotten much attention because the suspects are Black.

No mentions of the Kalamazoo terrorist by Bill Cunningham or Colin Flaherty. No mentions of the Klan clashing with protesters in California. Three people were injured by a stabbing. One of the Klan members had a pointed flag pole. That Klan man stabbed three and one gotten critical injuries.

No mentions of the execution style murders of three innocent Muslim men in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

No mentions of the murder-suicide and police shooting in Washington state.

Yeah, you never hear that in the news. It doesn't fit the narrative.

World News Today sends our condolences to the families of Crystal Hamilton and Ashley Guindon.

We also send our condolences to the victims of gun violence mentioned and not mentioned by the junk food media. We condemn the agitators who exploit these tragedies for political blame.

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