Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A Bronco's Wild Ride Got Saddled!

The Denver Broncos send practice squad Ryan Murphy to the showers after he was caught up in sex sting.

Ryan Murphy won't celebrate the festivities on Sunday. The Denver Broncos safety on the rookie squad was caught up.

Murphy who lives in Oakland was caught in a human trafficking sex sting. The Santa Clara Sheriff's Department, the San Jose Police along with the FBI put Murphy and his brother in the county lockup for allegedly picking up a girl on the stroll. They took her to the Motel 6 to "kick it".

The law was watching them from a distance. Inside Edition, the tabloid news program was in a ride along with the law for Operation Charlie Brown. The law was doing decoy and monitoring women on the stroll. When they seen Murphy and his brother head off to the hotel, the law busted him.

Gary Kubiak was heartbroken that his player got caught up. He doesn't care what they do in their personal lives, but when it involves things that make the team look bad, he's extremely disappointed in the behavior.

Murphy, the woman and his brother have a court date and he's going to be eventually cut from the team. After all, when it comes to behavior, Roger Goodell had no choice but to lay the hammer.

Thank Ray Rice. If it wasn't for him, the NFL would just say "boys would be boys".

He was a standout for Oregon State.
A transgender prostitute in San Francisco.
Prostitution is an activity that involves a person selling their bodies for payment or bartering.

Tricks (johns/marks) are usually picking up female or transgender prostitutes in areas where the law often considered frequently traveled. The women often are addicted to drugs and may pose a risk of having a sexually transmitted disease. The women may often set up tricks by leading to places where they could be robbed of properties. Some women are often willing to put their lives and others at risk.

If you're a prostitute and have HIV, you could face a felony charge. It could carry 15 years in the iron college or LIFE depending on the state where you're busted in.

Murphy, the woman and his brother are innocent until proven guilty.

Superbowl L (50) is on CBS Sunday night February 7th. It's going down at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will face off.

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