Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ted Williams: The Golden Voice Returns To Radio!

Ted Williams returns to Columbus, Ohio to do radio. He was the famous homeless guy with the "golden voice".

Ted Williams became an international sensation after he was spotted off Hudson Street in Columbus, Ohio asking for money. The former radio DJ was panhandling off Interstate 71 in January 2011.

The person who worked for the Columbus Dispatch newspaper filmed Ted managed to ask him to do his thing. When he done a radio bumper for the man, the junk food media was astonished by the voice.

How could a man with a voice so good be a panhandler off the freeway?

Well they asked for where Ted was! He was living in a homeless shelter. He was the father of ten who was battling crack and alcohol addiction. He was suffering from depression.

He was let go from his gig at a radio station in WVKO. He's been struggling since his departure.

When the media discovered him, they got him on many radio shows. They had him do voice over for animation, radio stations, commercials and even bumper for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Well the fame got to him. He relapsed back into his old ways. He wanted divine spiritual advice. He got Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil McGraw tried to help Ted get out of the slump. He sent him to celebrity rehab and tried to help him get back on his feet. Ted said that he didn't want his personal business becoming a sideshow show he checked himself out of the rehab.

He soon went through a struggle. In his book, A Golden Voice: How Faith, Hard Work and Humility Brought Me from the Streets to Salvation. He talks about struggling through addiction, he said that he and his girlfriend at the time were selling themselves for crack addiction. He also said that he wants to get back in touch with his children.

Now in 2016, it seems like he's back! He got rehired at his old radio gig and is praising the people who supported him through his ordeal.

He will return to the radio in the coming days on the AM station now known as Praise 1580 formerly a soul radio station and progressive radio network.

World News Today wish Ted Williams success on his journey to recovery. We hope the best for him and his family.

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