Thursday, January 28, 2016

Suicide Cop's Wife Indicted On Fraud!

Joe Gliniewicz and wife Melodie. She is being held on charges of fraud and embezzlement. "G.I. Joe" created a media shit storm when he staged his own suicide and penned it on the Black man.

[Charles Joseph] "Joe" Gliniewicz, the Fox Lake, Illinois cop who staged his own death was a major story back in 2015. It came around the time that conservatives were attacking the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The conservatives were trying to link the activists to the murder of law enforcement.

Gliniewicz who many called "G.I. Joe", was a corrupt lawman. He was hanging around with the prostitutes. He was reckless with his service weapon. He was a drunk and some said that he would drink on the job. What may have tipped the FBI, was his record as an officer. He allegedly embezzled from the charities for youth services. He was taking paid time off without recording it. He also went out his way to have his wife and son get a piece of the action.

His wife was cheating on him with other men in the town and he allowed it. His son was involved in drugs and the whole town knew about it. They said that the Gliniewicz were swingers.

When he was about to be caught up, he threatened a Fox Lake village official.
50 is the new 30. Melodie Gliniewicz's mugshot shows she had some plastic surgery. She doesn't look like a 51 year old woman.
Allegedly, Melodie was using some of the embezzled cash for a makeover. Now she's being indicted on corruption by usage of her husband's theft of money from a group dedicated to getting kids interested in careers in law enforcement.

Melodie Gliniewicz, 51, say she is a "victim" of his "secret actions and looks forward to her day in court to show the world her innocence." That might be an uphill battle, says an ABC legal analyst. Joe Gliniewicz had posted plenty of photos to social media showing him and his wife enjoying their lavish lifestyle, and "it's going to show that she should have had reason to believe that these funds were stolen."

She faces six felony counts, including money laundering and disbursing charitable funds for personal benefit. Following Joe Gliniewicz's suicide on Sept. 1, investigators uncovered evidence that he had been embezzling money from the Fox Lake Police Explorer Post for years to pay for a lifestyle that far exceeded his $96,000-a-year salary, ABC7 reports. Joe Gliniewicz led the group, and his wife held "a fiduciary role as an adult adviser."

But the junk food media gave you the impression that Gliniewicz was a "hero". He penned the ambush on two white guys and Black guy.
Corrupt cop killed himself so his family would receive perks.
Gliniewicz is innocent until proven guilty.

The junk food media searched for weeks for the suspects. It was getting major play on the three networks, CNN, MSNBC and of course that right wing network.

When it turned out that the FBI said that ambush was a staged attack, conservatives got egg on their faces.

Of course, they continue to this day to attack #BlackLivesMatter as being anti-cop. They concern troll issues about "Black on Whatever" crime. They try to tie President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to the movement.

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