Friday, January 08, 2016

Paul LePage: Don't Count On D-Money Helping Your White Heroin-Addicted Daughter!

Talking the smack. Maine's Republican governor Paul LePage says some stupid shit.

I don't know if he was referring to drug money or a Black guy, who knows?

But the controversial Republican governor from Maine had spoken at a forum on the epidemic of heroin.

Paul LePage got on his soapbox and let his word vomit spread across the state. He rants about how the spread of heroin gotten out of control.

So while he was talking about initiatives to curb this issue, he flaunts out the stereotypical thug narrative.

"Now the traffickers ... These are guys with the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty, these types of guys. They come from Connecticut and New York, they come up here, they sell their heroin, and they go back home," LePage said. "Incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young, white girl before they leave, which is a real sad thing because then we have another issue that we've got to deal with down the road. We're going to make them very severe penalties."

It drew sharp criticism from Maine Democrats and the NAACP.

LePage dismissed the criticism and said, "look at my family".

I have a Black son. Check it, his name is Devon Raymond.

Eventually the pressure got to him. He was force to admit that his statements were racist.
Woman injecting arm candy into her body.
"I apologize again," LePage told reporters, saying he "slipped up." "My brain was slower than my mouth."

Many Republican-governed states seen a huge spike in heroin. LePage has previously called for greater enforcement against out-of-state dealers, and said last year he would consider using the state's National Guard.

Maine lawmakers are considering a bill to help ease the crisis that would include money for Drug Enforcement Administration agents and other law enforcement, in addition to funding for treatment programs and facilities. LePage, however, has threatened to veto the bill for what he said was favoritism toward treatment facilities receiving funding.

Maine being a 95% White-majority state is appealing to White and anti-gubmint extremists. They know how to traffic the narcs. But of course, it's them Boston......"insert racial slur" who are responsible for the rise in heroin.
LePage and his huge family. He adopts Devon Raymond into his family.
LePage has made many offensive remarks during his time in office, and in 2013 was accused of saying President Barack Obama hates white people. LePage denied the reports.

He once told the Maine NAACP to pucker up to his ass. "Tell ‘em to kiss my butt,” LePage said. "If they want to play the race card, come to dinner and my son will talk to them."

LePage may soon face impeachment. Democrats in the state legislature plan to move forward with an impeachment motion next week.

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