Friday, January 15, 2016

Is Facebook Going To Activate "I Am Safe" For All Mass Tragedies?

Facebook international office in Jakarta.

While we can't cover most events in the world, I want to assure you that we care! I believe that over in the United States, we're motivated to hashtag activism when it comes to "civilized" countries.

I assure you that over in the United States, no cares about the massacres over in Africa, South America or Asia.

If it happens in Tokyo, Paris, New York, London, Berlin, Rome, Los Angeles, Sydney, Moscow and Washington, DC, the junk food media would run it for weeks until the next tragedy occurs.

Did you know that the folks over at Facebook activated the "I Am Safe" function for users who report their safe in the case of a weather event or a mass murder tragedy?

It certainly was activated during the San Bernardino and Paris tragedies in which mass shooters killed numerous people. The shooters were inspired by the Islamic State.

But they forgotten about Beirut, Lebanon, Baghdad, Iraq and numerous other areas where a tragedy has occurred.

I am wondering in the wake of attacks inspired or carried out by al Qaeda and the Islamic State of the Levant, will Facebook activate the "Am I Safe" option?

Did you know that there were mass attacks in numerous cities?

Kabul, Mogadishu, Pathankot, Zliten, Hurghada, Istanbul and Ouagadougou were hit with mass murder tragedies.

And not to mention the deadly attacks in Jakarta. Individuals who claim allegiance to the Islamic State have tried to detonate a mass explosion around a Starbucks and police station. When they failed at doing it, they decided to let the slugs fly.

And tonight there's a tragedy in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso was reported by the international media and Buzzfeed.

Still waiting on "I Am Safe" function.

Yes, terrorism exists in the world.
Mass murders in the world ignored by junk food media and Facebook.
Reasons for it are clearly unknown. But most analysis figured that the social outcast, poverty, corruption in government and foreign intervention are reasons to why terrorists are good at recruiting individuals to fight for their causes.

Soft targets are often looked at as areas where mass shooters go for the most causalities. Terrorism would single out areas such as shopping centers, universities, traffic congested areas, and military bases for plots of massacres.

World News Today send our condolences to the victims of these senseless tragedies in the world.

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