Monday, January 25, 2016

Group Behind Planned Parenthood "Sting" Videos Indicted!

White extremist behind the Planned Parenthood undercover videos got served. David Daleiden and his female partner were indicted after they entered Planned Parenthood on false pretenses. They recorded confidential information in an attempt to target the group as nefarious in women's health.

The inept lawmakers in Congress continue this baseless attack on the family planning organization Planned Parenthood. The conservatives want Republicans to defund the organization because of videos that recorded executives saying that they would sell baby parts for a Lamborghini.

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt will have a day in court. They face an indictment in Harris County, Texas for entering Planned Parenthood and trying to tampering with a governmental record.

They are innocent until proven guilty. These morons went into Planned Parenthood with hidden cameras as a phony group. They wore hidden cameras on their glasses and recorded members of Planned Parenthood explaining what they do for the health of women. They edited the videos to make it seem like they're advocating genocide of babies.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the probe began after the Center for Medical Progress, an anti-abortion group run by Daleiden, released footage of the Houston clinic as part of a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood officials casually discussing the methods and costs of preserving fetal tissue for scientific research. That prompted allegations that the organization was profiting off of tissue -- an allegation that was never proven -- and sparked calls for an investigation from Gov. Greg Abbott, Attorney General Ken Paxton and others.

The Center for Medical Progress did not immediately return a message seeking comment Monday.

In the beginning Daleiden was "game on" when the organization threatened a lawsuit against him.

Now he and his partner may face 20 in the iron college and legal repercussions from employees who were fired out the cannon.

Planned Parenthood alleged that Daleiden and others used aliases, obtained fake government I.D.s, and formed a fake tissue procurement company in an effort to gain access to private areas and record private conversations to be deceptively edited to create a false impression.

The second indictment for Daleiden suggests that the grand jury found that he went too far in trying to get Planned Parenthood to admit to selling tissue. The crime, a class A misdemeanor is committed if a person intentionally offers to buy or offers to sell a human organ, including fetal tissue. If convicted, the maximum punishment is a year in jail.
Vindication from Cecile Richards. 
Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

That angered Bernie Sanders. He denounced the Planned Parenthood and HRC as establishment.

Sen. Sanders (I-VT) is running neck and neck against Clinton in this bitterly fought race for the Democratic nomination. He attracts more crowds than Clinton and hopes he can bring Democrats into his fold.

Sanders is a democratic socialist. He is a progressive who believes that the status quo is hurting the middle class. He believes that electing Clinton, Martin O'Malley and the Republicans would continue the bottom to top economics that caused the economy to crash.

Sanders supports Obama's policies and wants to do more for the country.

He knows that Republican and Democrats are trying to make the case that "socialism" is scary.

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