Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Woman Faces Murder Rap In Las Vegas Plow Over!

Dazed look on killer's face. Woman plows into innocent tourists.

The junk food media released the name of the suspect involved in the intentional run over of tourist on the Las Vegas strip.

Lakeisha Holloway is facing a court date. She is being charged with murder. The charge could carry her LIFE in the iron college. The 24-year old woman plowed over 44 people while she had her daughter in the backseat of her ride.

The victim who died upon impact was a mother from Buckeye, Arizona.

Jessica Valenzuela was a 32-year old mother of three. She and her husband were in Las Vegas celebrating the 10-year old anniversary.

Jessica's husband and family describe her as "fantastic stay-at-home mother" who had started attending Bible study classes at church, having moved from Colorado in July. "I only met her a couple of months ago, but she was definitely faithful once she started coming, and I knew she was a believer," the First Southern Baptist Church's pastor tells NBC News. "She seemed to be a very sweet lady."
Oregon woman kills mother of three.
Holloway drove on the sidewalk at 45 mph.

Holloway a transplant from Portland, Oregon must have feel on hard times. But that gives her no damn reason to take it out on everyone. She got served with murder with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of an accident, and child endangerment.

Holloway is innocent until proven guilty.

Holloway now shows an ounce of remorse.

World News Today sends our condolences to the family Jessica Valenzuela.

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