Monday, December 14, 2015

What Happened To Nicholas Robertson?

A father of three was killed by the LAPD while on his knees.

The Los Angeles Police Department once again faces another fatal encounter with a suspect. The suspect was shot and killed by two lawmen 33 times. Many say that the suspect was on his knees crawling when they kept firing on him. He would die on the scene.

The LAPD was called to the Lynwood neighborhood on reports of a man firing a firearm in the air.

When they responded to the threat, they noticed that Nicholas Robertson was heading in another direction. They confront him on the suspicion of having a firearm.

According to the LAPD, the deputies told him to drop his piece.

They said that he pointed the piece at them. So they had no choice but to fire upon him.

It seems like the lawman may face some heat. A witness decided to whip out the camera and record the encounter. It seems like Nicholas was walking away from the suspects.

The witness zoomed in on the suspect as the LAPD starts plugging.

KTLA reports that once on the ground, the camera panned to focus solely on the man, who crawls next to the gas station and away from the gunfire.
The law starts plugging.
After a pause in audible gunfire, at least a dozen additional shots are heard.

The camera then panned back to two deputies, who both had arms raised and were pointing guns in the man's direction.

At least one of the deputies then fired additional shots before the video ends.

It was not clear from the video if both deputies had fired their weapon, but when slowed down, more than 30 shots can be heard.

Hernandez could only confirm multiple shots were fired.

Investigators were aware of at least one video that recorded the fatal incident.
On the ground and they're still plugging.
"My understanding is the suspect does, is in one of the frames, but it's not very clear what the suspect's actions are," LAPD lieutenant Eddie Hernandez said. "The video is just one piece of evidence that's going to be examined as a part of a comprehensive, protracted, long investigation, and that'll be analyzed against the physical evidence, the witness statements and the deputies’ statements."

Many residents are crying foul. They believed that the lawmen used excessive force.

Now the Los Angeles prosecutor has placed the lawmen on ice pending a preliminary hearing.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Nicholas Robertson.

This video is disturbing.

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