Sunday, December 13, 2015

Trump Turns Birther On Cruz!

Donald Trump will go after Ted Cruz.

The friendly rivalry is going to get ugly now that the junk food media told the viewers that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is leading in one poll. Matter of fact, we've heard this before. When the candidate soars past Donald Trump, the junk food media says that this could spell trouble for Trump.

Cruz has soared to a 10 point lead against Trump according to one Iowa poll.

Trump usually ignores the noise and continues on with even more heated rhetoric.

Trump has been very "easy" on Cruz. Now that the Des Moines Register said that Trump tumbled to second place in the latest poll, Trump vowed to take Cruz down.

Trump banned the Des Moines Register after an editorial slammed the candidate's bid for president.

Trump said that this is only one poll and it's bias against him. Also Trump went after Cruz for not supporting ethanol subsidies in the state. Iowa is highly engaged in tax credits for green energy.

Trump will go after Cruz's record as an unaccomplished lawmaker who steals the spotlight. Trump will say that Washington gridlock is why Americans hate politicians. That's going to be the dig at Cruz because he lead the 2013 government shutdown.

Trump said that he has "far better judgement" than Cruz.

Tuesday's debate will have Trump in the middle while it's still a battle between Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Ben Carson for who can be the closest to attack him. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) will likely be sent to the second tier debate.

Christie was endorsed by New Hampshire Union Leader. He is surging toward second place knocking down Rubio, Cruz, John Kasich and Jeb Bush.

Cruz was caught on tape knocking on Trump and Ben Carson for being just hype. He said that he will kill them with kindness. He said he will hug them out. Trump decided to take the gloves off.

Of course, Trump will go back to the dog whistle politics when he takes on Cruz. He will restart the birther controversy. Our neighbor to the north has been not often mentioned by Republicans when questioning Cruz's citizenship. Cruz is an American citizen but born in Canada. He was living in Canada for a few years of his life. His mom was on a travel visa and held duel citizenship.

Now as you remember, Trump wasn't easy on President Barack Obama. He demanded that the president showed his long form birth certificate. He pressured the president constantly on this.

In April 2011, the president went ahead and released the long form birth certificate. Obama also went after Trump at the Correspondent's Dinner. In May 2011, when The Celebrity Apprentice was holding its season finale, it was interrupted by the news that President Barack Obama the U.S. Special Operatives killed Osama bin Laden. The president spurned Trump many times. Trump banned the president from his properties.

Cruz is the son of a Cuban man and an American mother. He was born in Canada and holds duel citizenship with both countries.

That stuff will be used in this campaign not only by Trump but the birthers crowd like Orly Taitz and James David Manning.

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