Friday, December 25, 2015

The School To Prison Pipeline!

A documentary about the school to prison pipeline.

Al-Jazeera English released on YouTube a video that you might take some interest in.

The video talks about the school to prison pipeline. It talks about young teens getting into trouble during their peak of puberty. They send teens to the iron college if they become perennial interns.

Many urban schools are now taking a zero tolerance on misbehavior.

Fault Lines documents Houston Independent School and the strict Texas laws in which even minor offenses for truancy could land a student into prison.

We must end the school to prison pipeline.

The Christmas holiday has been relatively light on stories. The political season takes a break for the most part. The agitators in the junk food media are off. So there's nothing much for them to agitate the public about.

The candidates are celebrating with their families.

We take the time to send our condolences to the victims of yesterday's tornadoes in the Mississippi delta. People in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee faced some dangerous storms.

President Barack Obama declared a national emergency in the areas.

Some powerful EF4-EF5 tornadoes managed to plow communities.

The city of Memphis has one of the largest FedEx terminals. The shipping company faced a huge setback because of the weather. They are trying to finish up Christmas deliveries.

Once again, we wish you a wonderful Christmas.

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