Monday, December 14, 2015

The Nation Of Cosby Seeks Aid!

Cosby still fighting a win-less war.

Coming out of hiding, Bill Cosby decides to hand ring the accusers who went to the junk food media.

Cosby who admits to drugging women and having sex with them. He says that the sex was consensual. Cosby decides to save what's left of his falling career as America's "favorite dad".

Cosby decides to sue Tamera Green, Therese Serignese, Linda Traitz, Louisa Moritz, Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis and Angela Leslie.

Lawyer Monique Pressley says the women published false statements about the 78-year old entertainer. The suit says that the women made "malicious, opportunistic and false and defamatory accusations of sexual misconduct against him." His attorneys claim that these women "knowingly published false statements and accusations."

Cosby decides to fight back against the accusers. There's about 50 accusers.

The suit was filed in response to a defamation lawsuit brought against him by the accusers.

Gloria Allred represents a majority of Cosby's accusers. She was once a friend of the Cos.

Actress/model Janice Dickinson also knocked Cosby in a lawsuit. She believes he took advantage of her. She also broke her silence on the numerous issues Cosby threw towards her.

These accusations spanned throughout 30 years. Many of the accusers are pass the window of pressing charges.

What these accusers want is for Bill Cosby's legacy as the "moral figure" to go down in flames.

What they want is for Camille to understand that her husband was running the streets.

Cosby survived many tragedies in his time as entertainer. The death of his only son Ennis and the extortion attempt from another accuser happened when the heat wasn't on him. Ennis was murdered on California's busiest bypass Interstate 405 in 1997. Cosby was accused by Autumn Jackson. Jackson claimed Cosby was her father. Cosby had an affair with Shawn Upshaw and it may have produced a daughter. Jackson was sentenced to time in the iron college for extortion.

In 2015, all the networks that had Cosby-related shows were pulled. MTV networks (Nickelodeon, TVLand, Nick, Jr./Nick@Nite), TV One, BET, BounceTV, Ion, and others pulled the plug on the shows.

A Different World is the only Cosby themed show still on for the time being. The episodes featuring Cosby were pulled from lineup. That would be episodes in Season One with Lisa Bonet and Marissa Tomei.

Cosby was stripped of his honorary degrees. He lost his statues in his honor at HBUs. Drexel, Temple, U-Mass, Wilberforce, Central State, Clark Atlanta, Spellman, Morehouse,  Howard and Florida A&M put the brakes Cosby's donations and pulled his name from the campus.

Cosby is married. He has five children and three grandchildren. His only son was murdered. Cosby is an actor, comedian, movie producer, author,

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