Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Law Bucks A Man In Pennsylvania Walmart!

Fatal police shooting in East Stroudsburg Walmart.

Do I smell a John Crawford style shooting in East Stroudsburg?

The law puts down a gunman who was threatening shoppers at a local Walmart.

I don't know. Maybe it was a legitimate threat.

Pennsylvania is an open carry state. A person can walk into a business with a firearm.

I have to be skeptical. Could it been another swatting call?

Ronald Ritchie calling 911 on John Crawford saying that he was pointing a gun at shoppers. That wasn't the case. The law arrived in two minutes to the store. The law would approach John while he was on the phone. He was holding a BB gun on his shoulder and within two seconds, he was shot by Beavercreek, Ohio police.

Andrew Joseph Todd was the gunman who came into a Walmart with a two handguns and a machete.

Maybe he may have threatened customers. Maybe he didn't. The state police and feds are investigating if the shooting was justified.

Stroudsburg resident Chris Torino was in the store's home and garden section when he saw the man dressed in black with a bandanna over his face holding a handgun to his own head. The man rounded a corner and went into a different aisle, at which point Torino lost sight of him.

Torino was probably the one who called the law on Todd.

"People started screaming and going frantic. They were saying, 'look, look, look!'" Torino said.

Within what seemed like minutes of the man entering the store, Stroud Area Regional Police converged on the store carrying assault rifles and telling shoppers to evacuate.

The scene was chaotic and shoppers screamed and scrambled to the nearest exists, dropping shopping bags on their way out the door, Torino said.

Torino heard at least one shot fired as he evacuated the store. Todd didn't shot anyone at the store. No body was injured in this. The law was doing the shooting.

The law declined to comment on whether the man was pointing the gun at his own head.

Are they trying to say that Todd was trying to commit suicide while in the store. Suicide by cop?

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