Sunday, December 06, 2015

Fear Factor!

I don't fear any man, beast, machine or weather.

I am tolerant of race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, political and economic standings.

Everyone has a bias towards something. I admit that I do have strong bias towards things as well.

My biggest bias is towards idiocy and ignorance.

I want you to understand that I do not fear Muslims. I am not afraid of terrorists. I am not going act like a hero in a mass shooting event.

If I have to protect myself, I would use a firearm. But I rather have firearms in the hands of law enforcement, military and those who are qualified to handle them.

I want too see a stricter background check on people who purchase firearms. I want gun owners to have liability insurance and mandatory jail time for misuse of their firearm.

I want Republicans and Democrats to stop bickering over issues that aren't relevant to the country.

Gun violence is the number one threat in our country. Terrorism is a threat but it's not a daily occurrence. We have more gun incidents in our communities. More than most of the modern world.

Anyone who loses a child or a parent to gun violence is terrorized by this.

If the San Bernardino event was classified as terrorism, why don't they have every mass shooting or single gun crime be labeled as terrorism?

Why must we continue to fight each other on who's patriotic?

Why does the junk food media and politicians continue to stroke the fear for ratings and short term gains?

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