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Family Guy Takes On Trayvon Martin!

Family Guy takes on the Sanford shooting.

Fox's Family Guy takes on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman controversy.

Peter Griffin, Cleveland Brown, Joe Swanson and Quagmire become neighborhood watch volunteers. They were riled up over Peter's street couch being stolen by thieves. So in order to make Spooner Street more safer, Peter gets the gang firearms and begin patrolling the streets.

One night, Peter sees a person trying to break into Cleveland's home. The person was wearing a hoodie. Peter was armed with a firearm and he gave the individual a warning to stop what he was doing. When the individual flashed something, Peter shoots the individual. 

It turns out that Peter shot Cleveland, Jr. The teen was told by Cleveland to go through the window because he didn't want the heat from the home to escape. Cleveland, Jr. said that he had his earbuds in his ear and didn't hear Peter's calls.

Peter was extremely apologetic to Cleveland, Jr. but it didn't sit well with Cleveland and Donna. The Browns would ban Peter and his family from their property on the account that they believe the incident was inspired by racial angst. 

The city of Quahog turned on Peter after the Browns accused him of being a racist. 
Cleveland, Jr. from The Cleveland Show/Family Guy.
Peter would try to his best to make up to Cleveland. Peter tried to share a Vodka with Cleveland and ended up burning down his home.

Peter would recruit Lois' father Carter Pewterschmidt to help him beat an iron college bid. Carter's lawyers would create the narrative that Cleveland, Jr. instigated the incident and they tried to paint him as a "thug". 

Carter's lawyers played on the naive Cleveland, Jr. and ended up putting him in contempt of court.

Peter would have second thoughts about the incident. As the town turns on the Brown family, Peter confronts the townspeople confirming that bias may have contributed to the shooting. Peter admits that he was stupid and reckless in his decision.

In the end of the show, Cleveland and Peter made peace with one another. Cleveland, Jr. on the other hand warned Peter to watch his back because he threatened revenge on him for the whole ordeal. 
Seth MacFarlane and Mike Henry. MacFarlane is the executive producer of Fox's Family Guy. Mike Henry with MacFarlane co-executive produced the canceled The Cleveland Show.
The episode completely made note of the controversy with George Zimmerman. 

Zimmerman was the Florida neighborhood watch member who called 911 on a suspicious person walking through his gated community. He was warned by the dispatchers to not follow the individual. 

Zimmerman ignored it and went on to confront the individual. They get into a fight and all of sudden, a gunshot. There lies a person bleeding from a gunshot to the chest and a bloodly Zimmerman.

It turns out that the individual was Trayvon Martin. He was heading to his father home wearing a hoodie in the rain. Zimmerman claimed he had to use self-defense and cited the "stand your ground" law that Florida passed.

Zimmerman was at first let go on premise that he used self-defense. It didn't become a criminal case until the state hired a special prosecutor to see if Zimmerman's deliberate ignoring of a dispatcher may have contributed to the fatal encounter.
Family Guy takes on the Sanford controversy.
Zimmerman would be indicted on second degree murder. He would face trial in June 2013. During his trial, many in the junk food media were devoted to making the case about Trayvon Martin and not Zimmerman.

Many conservatives were trying to tarnish the image of Trayvon instead of Zimmerman.

Zimmerman was eventually cleared of murder. He would be set free to create more havoc.

The president spoke on this by saying "If he had a son, he'll be like Trayvon". Those words became a rally call for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the rise of concern trolling by conservatives.

Now every time an unarmed Black person is killed by law enforcement or a vigilante conservatives will make the case against the individual. They will bring up "Black on whatever" crime and say that President Barack Obama's policies destroy the Black community.

It seems like Family Guy played it well. 

Seth MacFarlane plays Peter Griffin, Quagmire, Stewie, Carter Pewterschmidt, and Brian.

Mike Henry plays Cleveland Brown and Ralio Tubbs.

Kevin Michael Richardson plays Cleveland, Jr. and Cleveland Brown on occasions.

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