Monday, December 28, 2015

Mr. Affluenza Got Caught Up!

Man who killed four on a Texas road beaten a murder rap. While on in-house, he broke the rules. Fearing a bid in the iron college, he decides to duck out of the country.  After a few weeks, he was finally caught. Will he now finally be sent to the iron college?

The thug who murdered four Texas residents while under the influence of alcohol and at the helm of a vehicle was on the run for three weeks. He was on probation for this crime. He was supposed to serve a 10 year in-house bid. He was forbidden to drink alcohol. He was forbidden to be around drugs. He was forbidden to be around criminal activity. It turns out that he ignored the sentencing.

He was caught on camera playing beer pong with his buddies. That was shared on social media and it reached his P.O.

I guess he knew his days were numbered. So he and his mother took off from their suburban Dallas home never to be heard from again.

Those three weeks came to an end. It seems like the pampered life is over for the so-called "affluenza" teen.

The Mexican authorities aided by the U.S. Marshals managed to snatch Ethan Couch out of his hiding place. CNN broke the story around 7:30 pm tonight. The country's most wanted man is now in custody and will face justice.

The U.S. Rewards for Justice wanted this man and his mother Tonya.

Mom decided to help Ethan flee the U.S. authorities. They were spotted in a vacation town of Puerto Vallarta, U.S. officials were briefed on the matter.

Couch, 18, went missing earlier this month, two years after he made national news when he was sentenced to probation for a drunken driving crash that killed four people.

Couch is expected to be turned over to the U.S. Marshals Service, who have spent weeks searching for him. A spokesman for the service declined to comment.

He is wanted by authorities in Tarrant County, Texas, for allegedly violating probation. His mother was listed by Texas authorities as a missing person after her son's disappearance, and the authorities said they believed she was assisting her son.
Mom will face a federal case for helping fugitive son escape out of the country.
A warrant had been issued for the teen to be taken into custody after his probation officer couldn't reach him earlier this month. His apparent disappearance came after a video allegedly showed him at a party where alcohol was being consumed, authorities said.

Word of the search for Couch has reignited controversy over the case, which drew widespread attention after a psychologist testified that Couch, who was 16 at the time, suffered from "affluenza," describing him as a rich kid whose parents didn't set limits for him.

Now ducking his P.O. automatically puts him in the lockup.

The charges of ducking the law and breaking the in-house time out could be severe. The charges could put him in the iron college for 25 years. Only in Texas justice, Couch could face LIFE in the iron college based on the media attention to his case.

Couch is innocent until proven guilty.

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