Friday, December 11, 2015

Couple Got The N****r Service!

A couple in Washington was being brutalized by a group of men who didn't approve of their relationship. The couple didn't know their attackers, but they've figured that since they're an interracial couple, the men attacked them.

Serigne Diouf and his girlfriend were leaving a local bar in Bellingham. They got into a confrontation with three White guys outside the bar. They get to shouting and yelling at one another.

Next thing you know, the suspect, Mario Zamora five knuckles rolls the woman in the face.

Then the video goes right into Serigne running after the suspect and his friends. Then of course, the girlfriend gets up and tries to retaliate.

The law came on the scene told everyone involved to break it up. The person who recorded this didn't bother to intervene. He wanted to post it to the hip-hop agitator WorldStarHipHop.

At first, the law did not watch the video, and declined to file charges against anyone at the time. The law believed that everyone was drunk and that no one was seriously injured.

Serigne said he doesn't touch the Jesus juice. Why they didn't bust the guy who put a shiner on his girlfriend's face?

The law later reviewed the video and decided to arrest Zamora on suspicion of fourth-degree assault. The other men were not expected to face charges.

Police Sgt. Mike Scanlon told The Bellingham Herald that the men could not be charged with a hate crime just for using racial slurs.

Diouf, who is black, insisted that the men had ran up on them because they were a mixed-race couple. He said that he still wants to see all of the men charged.

"Because I am a black man they jumped on me and called me a NIGGER," he observed.

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