Monday, December 28, 2015

Cop Walk In Tamir Rice Case!

Tamir Rice was killed in November 2014. Ohio prosecutors decided to not indict officers.

I will no longer support the Democratic Party. I will not support the Republican Party either. They are too fucking inept in local and national leadership. The leadership in both national parties in Washington and in my state of Ohio can kiss my ass.

I will always have my support for President Barack Obama. Although I am starting to realize that he can't mend the fences between White and Black. His impact as the first Black president opened up wounds that should have disappeared in the 20th Century.

Although I still am tolerant of race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, political and economic standings, I'm going to be more critical of those who say "I'm not a racist, but....!"

We should have expected that White resentment would surge. I knew it. I just didn't want to believe it. I just didn't want to believe that given these high profile events, White America was starting to be more diverse towards Blacks, Hispanics, immigrants and Muslims. Nope.

Donald Trump tapped into the anger of people who believe that "even though it applies to me", those who aren't like me shouldn't have it.

So basically in a nutshell, if a White boy was playing with firearms or fake firearms, he's not likely gonna get shot. But given you're Tamir Rice or John Crawford, you're going to be killed.

Or in the case of Sandra Bland, you can end up dead if you get pulled over for a turn signal violation.

It's a travesty of justice.

Ohio grand jury decides to not indict the two cops who were involved in the November 2014 shooting of Tamir Rice. On a slow news day, the Cuyahoga County prosecutor decided the time is now to allow Tim Loehmann and Frank Garmack walk out that courtroom and go about their lives.

They may end up back on the force.

The family of Tamir Rice who sought almost one year and two months for an indictment got no justice.

The family said that Loehmann went into the situation guns ablazing. He spared no second. He shot Tamir at two seconds of sight.
Two second rule spares corrupt lawman from murder charge.
All because of a fuck up on a dispatcher call.

I am not only mad at the Cuyahoga prosecutor Tim McGinty, but I am pissed at the junk food for trying to make the case it was justified to kill that boy. I am pissed that every time a cop walks, we get concern trolls bitching about how "Blacks must stop something that we never started".

I am so tired of the issue of "Black on whatever" crime made an issue when Black America protest unfair treatment by law enforcement.

I am tired of law enforcement not properly training their officers in situations.

There is no GOD. If there was a GOD, we would have equal justice for equal criminal acts.

Some rich White teen gets away with murder after drinking and driving. Now he an unrepentant danger to the community and those around him. He's given slapped on the wrist. But a little Black girl who gets mouthy with a lawman gets slammed on the ground. A man who walks away from a lawman gets shot 16 times while a White woman doses her face in drain cleaner gets a book deal. A White man murders innocent church goers in the middle of bible study gets food after he calmly surrenders. I bet you money a Black man won't get this type of treatment.

That's some real fucked up shit.

So I will spare the rest. I am guessing the cops who injured Freddie Gray, shot Laquan McDonald, shot Akai Gurley, shot Sam Dubose, shot Christian Taylor and Jamar Clark will walk too.

Most of the officers who were involved in the shootings of the unarmed or unintentional circumstances walked.

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