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Concern Trolls Blame #BlackLivesMatter For Zaevion Dobson's Murder!

Conservatives don't care about Zaevion Dobson. They care about how Blacks don't discuss violence in the community.

Well that didn't take long. 

Conservatives are concern trolling yet again about gang violence, "Black on Whatever" violence, and the usual "Where's the outrage?" narrative from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, President Barack Obama and #BlackLivesMatter.

Here's an example of the nonsense pandered through the conservative agitating media:

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This was a shot at Campaign Zero/BlackLivesMatter spokesperson DeRay McKesson.

According to Breitbart News, McKesson didn't seem too concerned about Zae. They sneak dissed Mckesson's recent tweets about going to Star Wars. They claim that DeRay McKesson and others involved in the movement are too busy rousing cops and not focusing on Black on whatever violence.

Newsflash: Black America has talked about violence in our community. It doesn't generate ratings for the agitators in the cable news. 

Even Fox's Family Guy noticed that!

And another thing, since when do someone has to speak out against ever freaking event where a person of color lost his or her life to gun violence. DeRay McKesson isn't the person who keeps tally of deaths by guns. His job is to protest law enforcement not being held accountable for killing unarmed civilians. 

He can't be everywhere where the media is!

As soon as the story of Zaevion Dobson went viral, many Americans took to social media praising the teen for his self-sacrifice. The Knoxville teen shielded his friends from a hail of gunfire. 

A group of domestic terrorists aimed upon a neighborhood where Zae and his friends were. The suspects were shooting at everything.

Zae was hit in the head by the slugs. He would die on route to the hospital. The suspects didn't know the victim. They were in the area where they believed a rival lived. The rival shot at one of the suspect's family member. 

One of the suspects met his fate at the hands of rival. Brandon Perry, one of the alleged shooters was killed by gunfire later that night. 

Zae's death will likely become a talking point in the last State of the Union Address for Obama.

Obama is getting really frustrated with the inept Congress not passing gun control legislation. He believes that his legacy is tarnished by the lack of action on mass shootings.

He may issue executive orders in the final years to curb some of the easy loopholes.

What is often ignored is the fact that gun violence is everyday. Conservatives only see this a reason to have more guns and less regulations. The San Bernardino shooters had legal access to firearms. 

Matter of fact, their former neighbor was a strawman for some of the firearms used in the December massacre. 

Of course, conservatives play this "good guy with a gun" nonsense. 

That tired argument won't work when the mass shooter has a partner watching you plot a counter attack. The law doesn't see a "good guy" trying to stop a "bad guy". They see an active shooter. You being the "good guy" could be mistaken by the law as an active shooter. You could be killed by the suspect or law enforcement if you try to stop an active shooter.

Zae's death became a national story for the fact that he was a standout football player who many said was a "leader" who took action in situation.

Here's one reason to why I believe conservatives just don't get it.

In the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio lies iHeartMedia studios. On Ronald Reagan Drive in Sycamore Township is America's oldest AM radio station, WLW-AM.

WLW is probably one of the most listened radio station in the country.

During the day, the station's frequency can be heard from Cincinnati. Its broadcast can be reached to regional metros such as Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and Indianapolis. 

WLW boasted that at night many Americans can hear the station from New York City all the way to Salt Lake City. WLW called itself the world's highest fidelity radio station. 

Great history comes with a price. 

One in particular is a concern troll who panders in the faux outrage of "Black on Whatever" violence. 

On that station is a controversial talker who is good friends with two certain agitators who I've mentioned frequently on this blog. I've often mentioned that Matt Drudge and Sean Hannity are racial agitators. The Drudge Report and almost everything surrounding Sean Hannity is basically racially charged. I've said Sean Hannity is by far the most annoying conservative agitator to ever host a radio or television program. Hannity is the biggest concern troll out there. He will go through leaps and bounds to bring up a racial story. His right wing carnival hosted this agitator on many times.

Hannity and this agitator share one thing in common. They claim they're "Great Americans".

This character is a part of that machine that gives White extremists a reason to plot domestic attacks against the Black community.

Bill Cunningham is a longtime fixture of Cincinnati AM agitation. Cunningham is a nationally syndicated host who has a local weekday show on WLW at 12pm and a national Sunday show at 10pm. 

On his Sunday show, he covers controversial issues from that landed on The Drudge Report. 

Cunningham is considered the start of a Republican talking point. He often reads off the week and often reads from the website, the most read stories. Most of the stories that come off The Drudge Report are race-based or stories that are likely political attacks on liberals, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Cunningham is very close to Drudge on that level. He took over for the reclusive agitator in 2007 after Drudge hung it up for full-time agitation on his website.

Cunningham is a former attorney hosted the gig at WLW for over 30 years. 

During his time, he's been a controversial figure in the conservative media. He's notorious for making jokes about Barack Obama's middle name being "Hussein" at a John McCain campaign stop. It was a play for the "Obama's a Muslim" conspiracy.  McCain condemned the comments and rejected the endorsement from Cunningham. Cunningham mocks McCain and Obama for being "soft" and "not willing" to let "Hussein" be a political issue.

Cunningham is a notorious birther as well. He and many others in the conservative media have demanded the president show his long form birth certificate. He inspired Donald Trump to get into birther movement.

Cunningham was a huge supporter of Steven Roach, the former Cincinnati cop who bucked Timothy Thomas. The incident sparked a riot in the city in April 2001. Cincinnati's Black leaders issued a boycott of the city.

Race-baiting agitators Hannity and Drudge.
He also mocked the death of Nathaniel Jones. Jones was arrested after workers at White Castle called the law on a panhandler who was acting erratically in the business. He was taken down by the law brutally. He ended up having a heart attack. Cunningham was played an offensive parody song mocking the situation. 

Cunningham got into a heated debate with fake liberal agitator Tamara Holder on Fox.  He told Holder to "know her place" and "shut her mouth". That controversy got him temporarily banned from that right wing network.

Cunningham has big concerns about Black America not addressing violence in our community. 

Cunningham will allow a bunch of extremists talk about how Blacks are being brainwashed by the "Democrat Party". He would put on Black extremists like Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke, Jesse Lee Peterson, Kevin Jackson, and Deneen Boreli to debate these issues. 

When these screwballs aren't available, he'll put on White extremists Wayne Allan Root, Colin Flaherty and now Republican Kentucky governor Matt Bevin to discuss Black criminals and Obama's upbringing as a Black man.

Cunningham has been going on for years without being mentioned by Media Matters for America, the Daily Kos and the official Black Lives Matters debunking squad. He keep pushing even further on Black criminality to rile up White extremists.

Cunningham is now rewarded with his own daytime talk show. He follows the formula of his old buddy Jerry Springer. His show is talking about taboo topics. When he's not hosting in Cincinnati, he hops on a plane and heads to New York City to do a taping for his CW-syndicated show. 

Cunningham plays the role of a consoling talk show host. He puts on Black guests who have issues that are just utter coonery. 

He plays this "father figure" when he have Black guest argue and fight over issues that shouldn't even be put on television. And he's been doing this for three seasons. 

Now I am not one for boycotts but I want you to know that this agitator is putting on an act for ratings.

I find it funny that he would be so concerned about violence in the Black community when he's the biggest provocateur of it on his radio and television show. 

Zaevion Dobson's death was tragic. His story is heartbreaking. But he's one of hundreds of other young men and women killed in senseless gun violence. 


It would take a long time to figure out the names all the victims lost to gun violence. Cunningham, that old fart Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Drudge, and the rest of the agitators in the conservative media aren't concerned about Black lives. 
The Knoxville community mourns the life of Zaevion Dobson.
They cheer on when Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims kill one another. They scream into their microphones when these groups kill White people. They are only concerned about gun control when Blacks, Hispanics and Muslim obtain them. When Whites obtain guns, they look the other way. 

When a mass shooter happens to be White, the junk food media says its a person with mental issues. 

When a mass shooter is a Black person, the person is a thug. 

When a mass shooter is a Muslim, the person is a terrorist.

When the motive is politically motivated against a group, conservatives say it's not about politics. 

When the motive is inspired a rivalry or a systematic oath of loyalty, it's about gang violence.

When the motive is inspired by religion. They automatically single it out to be Islam. Or rather their definition of "radical Islam". That's the newest word vomit being spewed by conservatives and Republican lawmakers. 

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