Wednesday, December 09, 2015

CJ Pearson: [Conservatives] Reject Reality! I've Rejected Them!

I guess Donald Trump's comments were the last straw for the conservative agitator CJ Pearson. He formally denounced conservatives and threw his support to Bernie Sanders.

The internet sensation decided to give up on conservatism. After seeing the reactions towards Laquan McDonald, the Muslim community and a handful of death threats sent his way, CJ Pearson has given up his conservative ways.

In early 2015, CJ Pearson lit into President Barack Obama. He won praise from the likes of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, that old fart Limbaugh and that annoying conservative agitator.

He became famous for saying that Obama doesn't love America because he doesn't recognized the threat of the "conservatives word vomit de jour of  'radical Islam'".

Now he finally said "enough is enough". He said he's done going after the president. He said that he'll endorse Bernie Sanders for president.

The conservatives weren't pleased about Pearson's latest change of heart. Matter of fact, he probably got a lot of "extremist rhetoric" from his former supporters.

Erick Erickson's Redstate decided to send Pearson a parting shot.
Bernie Sanders won him a fan. The conservative agitator CJ Pearson toned down his rhetoric.
Erickson told Person to stop embarrassing himself, shut up, and go live life.

"[CJ], Pay attention to politics, but also pay attention to movies, sports, girls, your parents, your preacher, and your surroundings. Come back when you are eighteen, your voice has deepened, and you’ve passed your final growth spurt. Because about the time you stop growing externally, that’s when you really start growing internally. Your body takes the intellectual nutrition you are consuming now as a kid and grows it into the man you will be. Social media attention is not intellectual nutrition", said Erickson.

"Right now you are a kid. If you want fame on social media that bad right now, the man you grow into is going to be twisted up with shallow roots. You’re going to get blown over in a breeze. So get off social media and go play," the conservative agitator added.

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