Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Chicago Police Under Federal Watch!

The Chicago Code of Silence.

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel at first didn't see the problem with the Chicago Police. The recent release of the Laqaun McDonald video shows more than just a problem, it shows an epidemic.

The Chicago police is under federal investigation. The U.S. Justice Department is looking into police brutality, corruption and misconduct. Emanuel said he welcomes the investigation and promised the city's total cooperation in achieving the "mutual goal" of keeping Chicago safe while respecting citizens' rights.

"Nothing is more important to me than the safety and well-being of our residents and ensuring that the men and women of our Police Department have the tools, resources and training they need to be effective crime fighters, stay safe and build community trust," Emanuel said in a statement.

He later told reporters that the city will be made better because of the investigation.

"We accept it, and we need it," he said, describing the current moment as an inflection point.

"None of the measures we have taken have ever measured up to the seriousness, the scope, the scale of the challenge in front of us as a city," Emanuel said.

I mean it's not the type of stuff you find on Mike & Molly, Chicago PD, and The Chicago Code.

Two disturbing videos were released by the Chicago prosecutor Anita Alverez.

The first video shows the Chicago Police shooting upon a fleeing suspect.

The second video shows the Chicago Police using a Taser on an unruly suspect in Cook County lockup. Philip Coleman was pronounced dead on the ride to the hospital.

Each of these officers were cleared of misconduct charges.

The public is calling for a cannon firing of not only the prosecutor but the mayor as well. Many figured that political corruption kept these videos from seeing daylight.

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