Sunday, December 27, 2015

Again Who Are The Real Radicals Here In The U.S.?

A small mosque in Houston, Texas was firebombed by a terrorist.

Who are the real terrorists here?

There has been headline fodder on many local and some national news agitators, the threat of terrorism upon Muslims is real. This holiday weekend was brought to the news of many attempts of terrorist acts upon American Muslims.

There was a firebombing of a California mosque. In the city of Tracy, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) of Sacramento Valley have called for an investigation into an attempted bombing of a mosque.

There was a "Molotov cocktail." tossed at the gate and into a side door. The California state authorities and the FBI are looking into this as a possible hate crime.

And let travel at least 1,870 miles to the fourth largest U.S. city.

There was a attempted bombing at a Houston mosque. Texas state authorities and the FBI are investigating this a possible hate crime. The terrorist decided to launch an attack upon a mosque in a shopping center in the Belfort neighborhood.

There were people attending the mosque for Saturday prayer. The people were lucky that this didn't kill them. They were in a different section of the shopping center while the mosque was being bombed.

As you know, the Republicans and conservative agitators have been bitching about "radical Islam".

The candidates running namely Donald Trump has set off this shit storm of overheated rhetoric.

Many Americans are spooked by the junk food media's coverage of terrorism. The threats of terrorism is often blown up by the media. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) has become a threat to western nations. The West vows to destroy the group.

They are falling into the trap. The terrorists want America to bankrupt themselves fighting them.

The terrorists know that if the lawmakers in Washington can relax gun laws and federal safety regulations, they find opportunities to pull off a massive murder.

Republicans are pretty stupid when it comes to handling terrorism. The only muscle the Republicans got is their tongues. Their tongues are all talk and no action.

They will not condemn the terrorist attacks upon Americans who practice Islam in peace. They won't condemn the threats upon American Muslims who believe the acts done by the Islamic State are deplorable as well. American Muslims do not support the Islamic State.

There are people who are inspired by rhetoric. I mean think about it!

If Trump is saying that he would advocate a ban upon Muslims coming into the United States, some White extremists would take that to heart. The agitators in the conservative media would also push the "concern troll" narrative. They say that Muslims won't condemn violence and stand up against the threat of "radical Islam".

The divisive word vomit "radical Islam" already gives the narrative that the United States is targeting Muslims. The Islamic State has proven their point by going after the rhetoric.

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