Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A Swamp's Tale!

Florida's state animal mauls a burglary suspect.

In the state of Florida, a robbery suspect met an untimely fate. Matthew Riggins wanted to geek people of their properties. He was "out on bail" when was prowling around the Brevard County subdivisions. He and his partner were snooping through a yard when someone called the law on them. They were dressed in black and it was dark in the city of Barefoot Bay.

The law quickly arrived to the area. The two men decided to split. In order to not be caught, Riggins told his girlfriend that he's going to be on the run for a minute, he'll call her when the heat dies down.

The partner went towards the streets, Riggins ran toward a lake.

Riggins was hiding in the brush. And he didn't know that nature's fury was calling.

Well Riggins never called. His family reported him missing. Many in the area say that something was lurking in the brushes. They knew the area near the lake was extremely dangerous.

It was ten days later, the Brevard County sheriff's dive team found the problem. The problem was resting near a nest with a nearly decapitated body of Riggins. The body of Riggins was found in November. It was finally confirmed by the state bag 'em ups.

That problem was an 11 foot alligator. The alligator had drowned Riggins, a 6'1", 22 year old man and decapitated his arm and foot. That's what the trappers found inside the stomach of the alligator.

They had to put it down after the alligator got aggressive.

This was the second fatal alligator attack in less than two months. James Okkerse met his fate to a 12 foot alligator. Okkerse was swimming in a state park and the alligator got him.

World News Today send our condolences to Matt Riggins and James Okkerse.

American Alligators are crocodiles. The alligator's habitat stretches in the bayous of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

I had read a blog on how the South treated slaves. This is the type of stuff that could spark extremism in the Black community.

In the day of slavery, White men and their sons would steal babies and small children of slaves. They would use these innocent babies as alligator bait.

Often they would tie the baby by the neck and torso. As the baby was screaming, these men would dunk the baby in the water to attract the alligators. It was told that the alligator would almost immediately swallow the baby. The men would grab the alligator out the water and hit the creature over the head with a pick ax and let it bleed to death. They would skin the creature for meat and its skin.

This practice carried into the early 20th Century. Mind you that the slavery days have passed since the Civil War and the Reconstruction.

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