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Sponge Soaks Attack Muslims!

Who are the real radicals in the United States?

The Republican Party is the best recruitment tool for the Islamic State.

Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant want Republicans in the White House. They believe the Republican Party and its conservative allies are stupid. They see their rhetoric as a reason to inspire individuals who feel lost, forgotten, hated and hurt. The terrorists can prove to the inspired that Western nations are bigoted to Islam. They can say that Israel's influence on the world is the reason to why Muslims suffered at the hands of Western powers.

Republicans will try to cut government agencies. Some of those government agencies are essential to the health and safety of the United States. They will unwittingly allow terrorists a loophole.
Still up in the polls. Donald Trump's rhetoric is extreme but Republicans love it.
They will continue to relax gun laws. It will be more easier for a person to obtain a firearm now that Republicans continue to block gun control regulations.

The terrorists take advantage of the opportunities Republicans leave them.

People who get inspired by rhetoric by Islamic State will leave their families to join the extremist group. These are probably people who were bullied by society. They were spurned by a relationship. They were loners. They were the "NICE GUYS and GALS" who many never expected to be involved in terrorism.

Even in intelligence, the terrorists are getting better at alluding the spies. The terrorists believe that the United States will bankrupt trying to fight a faceless enemy.

The United States is actively attacking the group. The U.S. airstrikes are happening daily in Syria and Iraq. President Barack Obama is cautious about putting more troops back into Iraq and possibly Syria.

The Republicans are crowing that the president isn't doing not enough.
Sarker Haque got a shiner after a bigot came into his store and punched him in the face.
Since the San Bernardino attack, many in the conservative media shifted focus to terrorism. The Republicans and their conservative allies have the only muscle they can use when fighting terrorism.

It's their tongues. Their tongues are slobbering with rhetoric that could inspire attacks on innocent civilians who are worshiping Muslims.

Now I don't blame the agitators for the rise in hate crimes. I am done trying to fault these people for spewing hate. They are allowed to spew hate. The fault of the actions carried out solely goes to the person who committed the crime. But let's do a poll before I go into my post.

Who's responsible for the rise in hate crimes against Muslims?

Barack Obama
Donald Trump
Fox News
Talk Radio
The Republican Party
Muslims Themselves
The Suspects
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The word vomit de jour is "radical Islam". The agitators and candidates running for president have been on this kick about President Barack Obama not mentioning "radical Islam". They want the president to show leadership. Given a solution to handle terrorism, the Republicans and their conservative allies have two things on their mind: military boots on the ground or bomb them to hell.

Remember we have the freedom of speech to spew whatever nonsense we can agitate to the public with. It's unfortunate that the consequences could inspire people to violence.
Man assaults a cashier as a restaurant in New York.
A handful of sponges soaked up the rhetoric and reacted towards their fellow Americans. And what for reason? Because they believe if you're a worshiping Muslim, you're a terrorist.

A handful of Republican primary voters support the Trump idea of banning Muslims from entering the country. What's worse is the fact that religious tests are the very thing our founding fathers opposed.

A man in New York has been charged with a hate crime after he launched a profanity-laced, violent outburst at a restaurant in Manhattan.

The workers at this restaurant called Salt and Pepper was disturbed by the ignorance of Robert Murino. This 26-year old sponge soak was drunk and he began throwing his temper tantrum at Muslims.

He was caught on surveillance video hitting a worker with the five finger knuckle roll. He was ordered to leave the restaurant. He decided he didn't like the way he was being talked to, so he decides to pick up chairs and toss them over the counter. Some of the chairs ended up smashing the food case and food counter.

Tahir Mohmood was working behind the counter. He said that the sponge soak got violent after he started throwing his word vomit at paying customers about Muslims. He decided to throw his five finger roll at Tahir.

"You Muslim guys, you motherfuckers" was the word vomit chanted by Murino.

Tahir tried to defend himself from the blows and the flying chairs. While he went crazy, a witness Lina Parvin called the law. She was hiding under the counter crying.
Hate continues in the Western world. 
"I feel so sad, that at night I can't sleep you know. I can't sleep the whole night because I'm really afraid," said Lina.

Murino was busted by the NYPD and was charged with criminal mischief and assault. They will likely charge him with a hate crime.

While that was going on in Manhattan, another man gets five finger rolled by another sponge soak.

The sponge soak managed to deck a Queens store owner. This happened by a man who wanted to "kill Muslims".

Fatima Food Mart owner Sarker Haque told the junk food media, that this sponge soak came into his store last Saturday and began serving him a five finger roll.
Brigitte Gabriel is a right wing extremist who appears on right wing networks.
"He punched me here," said Sarker, motioning towards an ice cream cooler. After being decked in the face, he tumbled over towards the floor. Sarker told him "What the hell you doing? What's wrong with you?"

The sponge soak said that he wanted to "kill Muslims".

Sarker was fighting back tears when he told the junk food media that he emigrated from Bangladesh to make a life in the United States.

The sponge soak was identified as Piro Kolvani. He would have put Sarker in the hospital. If it wasn't for the actions of a Latino customer, Sarker would have been dead.

Kolvani will likely be charged with a hate crime.

"It doesn't matter what color or nationality you are," said Sarker. "We are in America. Everybody came from somewhere,"

There was a young girl in The Bronx was attacked by three boys at her middle school. The girl was a sixth grader who was playing recess. The three boys grabbed her hijab and tried to rip it off. They were taunting her. They referred her to "ISIS" the junk food media's portrayal of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
Vandalism. The ignorance sprayed on a mosque.
The boys put the girl in a headlock and punched her. They tried to pull off her hijab. The NYPD responded to the call and reported the attack at P.S. 89.  It was called to school administrators.

The boys were placed in juvie time out. They face a court date for the allegations. The names of the victim and attackers were withheld.

The principal declined any comments when the junk food media swarmed up on the school.

The young girl and her family will likely file a lawsuit against the school and attackers.

Down the road, the Philadelphia Police and the FBI are investigating the deliberate act of hate at a mosque. There was a severed pig head left at the door of the mosque.

Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter said that these cowards will be brought to justice.

The head was found outside the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society early Monday morning.

Pork and products with byproducts of pork are haram or forbidden, in Islam.

Surveillance video shows a red truck driving by the mosque. On the return, the red truck stopped and someone decided to toss a butchered pig's head towards the door.

"It's too early in the investigation to determine if it is a hate crime, but I aniticapte that will be the direction the investigation will go," said Philadelphia top cop Leeloni Palmiero.

An earlier threat came to the mosque. A man said on a voicemail, "Are you happy about what happened in France?" "God is a pig!" and "God is pork!"
The Bonnie & Clyde of anti-Islam. Pam Geller and Robert Spencer peddle Islamophobia.
Nutter didn't spare anyone in his press conference. He slammed Trump, Ted Cruz and Benjamin Carson for their rhetoric. He called Trump an "asshole".

Now you know there were more incidents that happened besides what I've explained today.

It also goes to the recent incidents in California.

A sponge soak named Denise Slader threw coffee in the face of Rasheed Albeshari after he filmed the woman go into a verbal tirade about how Islam is the "devil religion". A park ranger intervened and told Slader to leave, she gets more irate when Rasheed told the ranger that she solely instigated the situation. Rasheed and his friends were praying in a park in San Francisco.

There was a fire at a mosque in southern California. In the deeps of Coachella, a community is gripped by a callous act of terrorism. In the wake of the San Bernardino attacks, Muslims in California are fearing the backlash.

The Islamic Center of Palm Springs was attacked by a firebomb. The fire was contained to the front lobby. No injuries were reported by the law.
They are Americans who want to worship in peace.
People inside heard a "loud boom" and started seeing flames. Imam Reymundo Nour said this incident is a result of the stroking fears of politicians and those in the junk food media.

A spokesman for the Riverside County Sheriff's office declined to state whether the event is considered an act of terrorism or an arson.

The mosque is 75 miles from San Bernardino. The attack has went into its second week and conservatives are still egging it on. The sponges keep soaking up the narrative that American Muslims are secretly plotting for the destruction of the United States.

The mosque was hit by gunfire in November 2014 in what authorities investigated as a possible hate crime. No one was injured in this attack but this case is still under federal investigation.

These incidents have Muslims fearing terrorism from their fellow Americans.

Democratic lawmaker Rep. Rual Ruz of California said that this act is tragic. He believes this is a result of a hate crime.

What we should call these incidents explained as acts of terrorism.

But who am I?

I'm just a blogger who calls a spade a spade!

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